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Hayley Taylor: Saint and Saviour.

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A4E: Canonised Sainthood.

If every jobless person in Britain had Hayley Taylor on their case, we’d soon be living in a land of zero unemployment. An unstoppable life force with a neat line in off-centre neckwear (a curious choker/cravat hybrid affair), it can’t be long before Taylor gets signed by the Cameron-Clegg coalition as Minister for Positivity.

(More in same vein Here.)

Hayley Taylor is soon due to perform the same miracles in the USA – Hat-tip to Funny A4e Photos.


Have you been out of the workforce for a significant amount of time? Have you lost hope at having a career? Is the bad economy weighing down you and your family? Hayley Taylor, career specialist who has successfully helped countless numbers of people on a show of the same name in the UK, is looking to help the perpetually unemployed finally get past their problems and finally obtain and keep a job on this side of the ocean.


– Unemployed men and women

– Ages 18 and up

– Must be a legal US resident and able to work ( here )

I watched the first five minutes.

Noticed her make-over alone would have cost more than a fortnight’s JSA.  

She started with something like, “My job is to make the unemployed feel good about themselves”.

Charlatan barely begins to cover it.


Written by Andrew Coates

July 14, 2010 at 9:19 am

63 Responses

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  1. Any chance of seeing a real life CV of Hayley Taylor and every CV she ever had?

    So Benefit Busters got her in the limelight… she claims to be able to help others into employment.

    Pre-recession and working for a welfare-to-work provider… how did she get involved?

    Did she have prior employment genius success, did she begin that job without ever working to get people into jobs or was she the typical kind who bounces around all the competitor welfare-to-work providers every 6-18 months?

    Or was she self-employed doing lectures and A4e just recruited her as the PR face for A4e?

    How perfect was her previous life?

    Was she ever unemployed (all those people claim that to bring you at ease) and if so how long for? What was her shortest job – did she get sacked or leave because she couldnt hack it?

    Only until you get these answers can you really see whether or not she can talk about being able to get people back into employment.

    Simply have the fat, arrogant and patronising bully in place doesnt mean any success. (Not aimed at Hayley)

    If I recall in Benefit Busters she lost control of keeping all the participants in the small class – many people thought stuff this, “I am not being treated like this” and never returned… clearly not helped them back into employment.

    I found out about this article from Ipswich Unemployed Action dot co dot uk and was baffled by the description until I came on here and realised its a blockquote lol

    Have you been out of the workforce for a significant amount of time? Have you lost hope at having a career? Is the bad economy weighing down you and your family?

    a) Most police forces (lol) have dropped the name as it sounds too brutal, whereas its now the Police Service. The “workforce” to me sounds too much like “workfare”: anyone agree?

    b) As with Hayley its the weight holding her down, not her fault, its gravity which makes this happen – something totally out of her power.

    I actually prefer the larger woman, however, she is a little too large (*cough*) and even with makeup on she looks like a train wreck – although credit where credit due her hair isn’t too bad!

    My point? As a role model (with exception to the TV generated idol fame effect) she has nothing.

    Her size however can be an advantage – if she was skinny she would be a walk over.

    How can she talk about getting people jobs though?

    A) most chubby (and larger) women will agree that employers favour skinnier women, (similar with men too) and

    B) with a face like that (even full of makeup!) there is no chance she is going to get a job without a few lies on her CV, a few backhanders and a telephone interview (instead of a face-2-face one).

    Flexible New Deal

    July 14, 2010 at 12:30 pm

  2. my adviser had not only said she had been unemployed she also said that she had been homeless lol yeah, it really put me at ease lol


    July 14, 2010 at 12:54 pm

  3. There are some things you can’t cover up
    With lipstick and powder*
    Thought I heard you mention my name
    Can’t you talk any louder

    Don’t come any closer, don’t come any nearer
    My vision of you can’t come any clearer

    *Not even a face like a bag of spanners

    Dave Edmunds

    July 14, 2010 at 1:32 pm

  4. easy to sit thier and snipe – ask the family she helped what they think – making fun of her size – quite prejudiced really – with a face like that – oh dear dear – personal insults – poor show FND, poor show indeed…did she ever say she was a role model – again FND – you have completely missed the point…


    July 14, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    • Roly Poly model more like.

      Knoby Sad

      July 14, 2010 at 4:32 pm

  5. if you had of watched the programme properly you would have seen when she talked about herself being unemployed…but you didn’t and procede to churn out the usual drivel that is in your head…roll on the wrork programme…it’s coming your way and it wo’nt be nice…


    July 14, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    • Abu Hamza:

      You are missing the point entirely…. and the role model thing did come in with the Benefit Buster series etc.

      I have not seen this Programme nor will I bother watching it.

      As for The Work Programme… I am not sure what you mean, how is it coming my way? You mean by area? Yeah, its going to be launched nationally.

      Flexible New Deal

      July 14, 2010 at 3:40 pm

      • never said I was arabic


        July 18, 2010 at 9:45 am

    • Abu. If You Are Really ‘Arabic’ You Will Know What This Means

      Sallam Ell Teeezak


      July 15, 2010 at 8:26 am

    • Yeah abu mate, I am sure that even roly-poly Saint Hayley would concede that she has a face like the back of an Ispwich bus.

      Gary Baldy

      July 15, 2010 at 1:42 pm

      • Gary.
        Really There Is Nothing Wrong With Ipswich Buses. NORWICH BUS you mean


        July 15, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    • No Abu, if YOU had watched the programme, you would have seen the bit where Hayley turns to camera and says: “… taking of makeovers I could be doing with losing a few stone, and nothing that a face transplant wouldn’t sort out, but you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear can you chuck?… “

      Value Pizza

      July 15, 2010 at 5:43 pm

  6. i have not seen this program,i did leave comments on the c4 website which they declined to post.
    from what i have seen of this person in the past is less then favorable in my view,i dont know her personally however i am not so sure i would want to.


    July 14, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    • Back luck Ken, it appears that most of the comments are pro-Hayley, but that’s what you get with “moderated” forums. It may even be moderated by Crapita (who moderate the BBC forums). What were your comments about? Hayley’s looks? Size? It does look though that some IUA bloggers have slipped a few under the radar. That bitch is not having it all her own way forum-wise. 🙂

      Basic Sausage

      July 15, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    • It takes about 20-30 for submitted comments to appear.

      Basic Sausage

      July 15, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    • 20-30 minutes

      Basic Sausage

      July 15, 2010 at 4:49 pm

  7. “roll on the wrork programme…it’s coming your way and it wo’nt be nice…”

    Hey abu, bigmouth, you threatening me? If you wanna come around this manor you betta show some respect and learn some manners.


    July 14, 2010 at 3:53 pm

  8. they can roll out what they like,it will make little difference,while they have the attitude you have the underneath contempt for stupidity,human nature intrigues at times a mixture of arrogance,incompetence,and stupidity that these people display,this combined with an economic backdrop of “complete and utter failure” (german chancellor) yet they still persist on somehow the person is at fault complex.squandering millions in one direction,nope says the next we’ll squander it in that direction,is it any wonder the private sector are rubbing their hands with this incompetent waste of taxpayers money.

    while at the job centre the message is to not tolerate fraud and protect public money,the organisations brought in have done just that,however there are no signs at the dwp/jobcentre plus informing “customers” how they are dealing with the real fraud.


    July 14, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    • Too Right Andrew,

      What we’re going to witness with this programe, is not going to be any of the many poison challice jobs that lurk out their waiting to ambush the unweary jobseeker as those companies would keep well away from the risk of exposing their usual antics on national TV.

      I mean by this the Companies that appear on this board such as Pissed Off’s experiance of getting laid off after just one day in work with an infamous tele sales company. Or the min wage employers that insist you wheir their “branded” uniform that you have to additionaly buy out of your own pocket etc.

      Lowestoft's Finest

      July 17, 2010 at 10:41 am

  9. See: http://tvpixie.com/tv-news/2010/07/14/fairy-jobmother-tv-review

    “The circumstances by which they got that work were entirely suspect, and that’s where the Hayley Taylor’s expertise falls down. Gaining Maxine unpaid work experience at Boots and Dean a wageless stint on the bins might’ve been possible in the real world, but grabbing the latter an interview with a fittings company out of the blue was unrealistic, to the point where those genuinely seeking work in the real world might be moved to complain. Job-hunting isn’t that simple for people with a patchy CV, and this was The Fairy Jobmother’s Achilles heel, effectively making it purely bludger-voyeurism, created for those comfortably in work to sit and gawp at the underclass.”

    Andrew Coates

    July 15, 2010 at 9:16 am

  10. So I felt like I had to watch it… so I did just now (well, probably 30 minutes ago after I typed it and 40 or so minutes prior to that when I began watching it.).

    I didn’t take notes, so will make mental points…

    * Maxine (?) is a very attraction woman. This is of the most importance lol… and if she couldn’t get a job in beauty etc. then no one can. Also take into account that she is a mum – this is a perfect reason to questions such as “What have you been doing in the last 2 years?”. You do not say you were unemployed – although technically you were. You say you gave birth to your daughter and was raising her. There are better looking women out there but it cant be said it was her appearance that let her down.

    * Stereotypical family on benefits. Do I need to explain more?

    * Lack of food in fridge etc. must have been staged unless of course they eat takeaways every day 3 times a day. When they went shopping… did hayley, production crew or the benefits pay for it? If it wasn’t benefits then it is cruel. Food is always of importance, more so than gas etc. when there are 3 mouths to feed… you couldn’t bare going hungry all the time. When you are stressed out most people eat more. No food? hmm. If it was the benefits that paid for the food – why didn’t they buy food before?

    * Hayley: two faced bitch… started off nice to their face, then whispered to the camera negative stuff about them when they were out of the room. This wasn’t consistent – this stopped before half way through. What also pissed me off was, she is a guest to the house, this couple doesn’t own it but its their HOME, what right does she have to tell him to stop shouting? He did well to leave the room rather than slap her face off. Wasn’t like it was directed at her or abusive in anyway.

    * I wasn’t sure why she was surprised how they weren’t too keen on getting an interview than confused how they have both been unemployed for over 2 years so should be happy. I doubt they are a couple with hundreds of interviews to their name, but quite clearly you cannot after so much failure be happy as if you have the job. Interviews are good – but its not a job. A job offer alone isn’t sustainable (probationary/trial periods, withdrawal of offer) – so an interview definitely isn’t. A job interview is an opportunity… nothing more, nothing less.

    * The road map and real money props… How mean was it to use real money to show their expenditure? monopoly or play money might have been easier than just figures on paper but I felt it was nasty to use real money as a prop. The road map was stupid… one example: “level crossing” about waiting for barriers to lift. We can all understand this concept, right? No, not me. Most level crossings are open/up the majority of the time; it is less of the time (apart from busy ones such as next to a station or on a very busy line) when they are closed/down. They are only closed/down approx a minute or so before and after a train goes past.

    * Strange… one job was revoked. One job was successful. The successful job was criticised for being staged so I wont talk about that one. Not only was they told they will be better off than benefits (£170 or sth) by calculating BOTH partners doing fulltime work; only one got a fulltime job, the other got nothing. No mention of this and a revised calculation at the end. Unlike the bloke who got a phone call saying yes… Maxine didn’t get a phone call, I therefore think that the truth was there was no job interview for her… staging one to seem like there was worked as the dramatisation of a resounding NO (for the cancelled interview) and the long stretched out YES – apparently would be good TV and seem more realistic then both getting a job in this “climate”. What I must say, and did anyone else realise? The so-called job was 8-40 hours. That isn’t a fulltime job… it could have only been 8 hours a week or as much as 16 hours. We have heard of zero hour contracts – this one was likely to have been 8 hours contractual… with the rest as “overtime” @ same rate.

    Flexible New Deal

    July 15, 2010 at 1:26 pm

  11. I haven’t watched this shit yet, and probably never will, but from the picks and the trailers I did think this too, that Maxine looked pretty hot, kind of obvious why they had so many kids. Compare and contrast with that tub of lard with a face like a back of an Ipswich bus Hayley. Another way to look at it – would Maxine want to be Hayley, I bet she wouldn’t. Anyone one else think that old witch is just jealous. She certainly has a bee in her bonnet about families who actually look quite functional and content. Anyone want to bet what Haley’s domestic life is like? She reminds me of an evil old aunt that most of us probably had, spreading her misery around and reducing people to tears. Anyone know where she parked her broomstick?

    Gary Baldy

    July 15, 2010 at 1:52 pm

  12. Just had another look, if I were Dean I would jack that job in and spend all day in bed having rumpy-pumpy with Maxine.

    Gary Baldy

    July 15, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    • Yeah, Dean is really lucky guy. It is probably what he does most of the time like apparently Maxine doesn’t often find time to leave the house! haha

      Flexible New Deal

      July 15, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    • Yeah, he had an ideal situation going on there, until that old witch mucked it up. We can only hope that he picks himself up and moves his life forward 🙂

      Gary Baldy

      July 15, 2010 at 2:15 pm

  13. It’s obvious why the producers picked Maxine, she rather pleasing to the eye and makes one helluva juxtaposition with old lardy arse. Nice one, Dean 🙂

    Gary Baldy

    July 15, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    • Yeah and Hayley tried the “look at her” shit… so what, she is self-employed. Thats not success.

      You can be self-employed and successful, dont get me wrong but any REAL business person is an employee (i.e. CEO, director) to a business that they OWN. Lower taxes.

      Flexible New Deal

      July 15, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    • There is a reason why most people that are self-employed are self-employed – no-one else will employ them. Hayley, case in point 🙂

      Gary Baldy

      July 15, 2010 at 2:12 pm

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if none of this is real, and that Maxine has been hired directly from central casting. Channel 4 are infamous for this sort of stuff.

    Gary Baldy

    July 15, 2010 at 2:11 pm

  15. What I would say is: the production team has poor graphic designers…

    You see the dark cloudy/stormy picture of the house, the family stuck in front of it too dark, and Hayley… (is that a smile?!?) all lightish…

    Is this supposed to be an unemployed family on a council estate who claim benefits which must be Hell… and along come the angel to help out? What a bunch of shite!

    Flexible New Deal

    July 15, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    • Yeah, its alluding to horror films, it looked like something out of the Exorcist. You not notice the John Carpenter theme in the background?

      Value Pizza

      July 15, 2010 at 5:49 pm

  16. “Hayley: two faced bitch… started off nice to their face, then whispered to the camera negative stuff about them when they were out of the room. This wasn’t consistent – this stopped before half way through. What also pissed me off was, she is a guest to the house, this couple doesn’t own it but its their HOME, what right does she have to tell him to stop shouting? He did well to leave the room rather than slap her face off. Wasn’t like it was directed at her or abusive in anyway.”

    these comments come as no surprise.personally i have not given the program the time of day,however from what has been shown previously the term “people like this are not worth knowing” would apply,quite rightly to behave like that in a person’s home as a guest is unacceptable and should have been shown the door.

    sadly bad behavior with unemployed people by this type of individual is encountered all to often,being disabled my self i pointed out to a clerk that i had a disability the reaction was err.

    it would appear that attitudes’ amongst those who attempt to publically say one thing think another.this is why the whole subject is totally sceptical on the customers part.


    July 15, 2010 at 6:19 pm

  17. Culture sucks down words
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    Manic Street Preachers

    July 16, 2010 at 6:30 pm

  18. When I went to sign on today I found a letter waiting for me:

    Dear Lowestoft’s Finest

    The Work for Your Benefit programme will not be going ahead becouse the Government is planning a new Work Programme in the first half of 2011.

    As a result you will no longer be required to take part in the full-time work experiance placement that we have told you about on several occasions.

    However, you may be required in the future to take part in other mandatory programmes but we will contact you again about this if necessary.

    The Work Programme will offer support and provide personalised help for everyone who finds themselves out of work regardless of the benefit they claim.

    We Will continue to support you in your activity and finding employment.

    Slava !!!! a glorious victory to Lowestoft’s Finnest, and as they say in the old country Tread on My Dick Neo-Labour middle class warriors cos who’s laughing now?

    Lowestoft's Finest

    July 16, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    • haha Hilarious! If only.

      Flexible New Deal

      July 16, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    • Lowestoft, I’ve been wondering why Dencora House has not contacted me for some time.

      They were meant to write to me nearly three weeks ago, but haven’t.

      I was told that I should wait for the letter – and believe me I am not going to arsed to phone them up about it.

      Maybe there is some connection here.

      Andrew Coates

      July 17, 2010 at 8:54 am

      • Andy, this is interesting. TNG (the prime – to which YMCA is a subcontractor) is also doing this.

        Probably a national issue.

        I assume this is because they have:

        a) Realise Flexible New Deal will be scrapped – so have given up hope (?) – I did raise this concern in regards to the latter years of FND due to being top heavy with service fee, so later years there is no real money left to gain


        b) Upset with Governments plans of The Work Programme ( http://www.flexible-new-deal.co.uk/2010/07/16/work-programme-framework/ ) being planned (although they will backtrack on this idea) as is results only and excluding leeching jobs the participant gains themselves. No room for profit.

        This is a breech of contract if I have ever seen one.

        Flexible New Deal

        July 17, 2010 at 9:17 am

      • Andrew
        the letter was there waiting for me when I signed on at the Jobcentre, they arn’t sent out via post.

        Earlier this year I got a similar letter again waiting for me when I signed on, which I actualy had to sign that I had reieved. Dispite the line:

        “As a result you will no longer be required to take part in the full-time work experiance placement that we have told you about on several occasions”.

        I had only recieved that one prior letter that basicly said it hoped I was making the most of my help from my private service provider RIP, and it informed me that if people were still unemployed after a year, they MAY be selected for a workfare trial.

        From the last letter I posted I conclude that Neo-Labours Workfare is dead, but possibility that the Torries will bring in something equally nasty instead in the future.

        The Workfare trial was meant to be Suffolk wide, so the fact mine has been officialy cancelled (though never told me I was officialy on it, just hinted I MAY be selected if still unemployed after a year)I can’t see how you will now be put on it as the letter says the sceame is scrapped.

        Break out the Abbot Ale as consider yourself liberated for the time being.

        Lowestoft's Finest

        July 17, 2010 at 9:50 am

      • Well, perhaps Lowestoft are not participating in the trials. After all there are 3 options and only 1 is workfare. (“only” lol)

        As they have created legislation to allow for sanctions etc. for Work for Your Benefit scheme, the speeches etc. its likely (although there is little info about it) it will go ahead still.

        Workfare pilot will not clash with The Work Programme as the pilots are for an initial 6 months and The Work Programme has been pushed back from end of 2010 to Summer 2011… coincidence? I think not.

        Workfare scheme is likely to be consoldiated with the Work Programme anyway… my prediction is instead of 12 month Flexible New Deal…. The Work Programme will be exactly like FND for first 6 months and the other 6 months be fulltime work (workfare).

        Flexible New Deal

        July 17, 2010 at 10:00 am

      • Of course Andy, TNG are tipped to be the winners to the Work for Your Benefit scheme… this means that TNG and YMCA Training are less likely to care too much about helping people now.

        After all they got their top heavy service fees. They cant gain an sustainable job outcome payment until after the WfYB trials start (unless DWP pays in advance) so they might as well wait for WfYB as a) they can sell you to an employer (more money unconditionally) and b) probably have a better job outcome payment than FND, where they can force you into some crappy job.

        (probably got a scheme where if you give up a job where its supposed to have lasted 13/26 weeks; that they get payment anyway even if you not stuck to it)

        Of course, sanctions for breathing to prevent people living up to their rights.

        I wouldnt be surprised that if TNG had got the contract (if its going ahead) that they would solely subcontract out to YMCA Training and get the slaves in Dencora House!

        Flexible New Deal

        July 17, 2010 at 10:09 am

  19. Flexi

    I can’t see the New Government who have now axed Neo-Labour’s Welfare to Work sceme as stated in my letter, now running any pilots for the axed sceame as there is no point the sceame is officialy axed.

    Also can you imagine the flood of accusations that they would let themselves in for that are wasting public money the same as the last government running a pilot for a sceame they have now axed?

    Lowestoft was part of the trials, so consider yourselves free for the time being.

    Lowestoft's Finest

    July 17, 2010 at 10:15 am

  20. Hello,
    I was with R.I.P for about 2 months then found a job.
    Although this job was a JOB-JOB, it collapsed just after the budget. I was lucky as I was able to make a rapid-reclaim rather quickly. At the jobcentre at the fresh claim interview, I was told that they were reluctant to send me back to R.I.P straight away as R.I.P were likley to sanction me for ‘not trying to keep the job’. I was told I would need too wait for a re-referal letter, this could come in September or October. It seems that FND maybe on the way out, I just don’t know.
    Would being sent on workfare be starting from scratch ? or would time on fnd be taken as time served
    and added on?. Advice from anybody please


    July 17, 2010 at 2:31 pm

  21. Can anbody verify rumours that RIP were planning 3 day placements followed by 3 day job search. I heard this while at Rip just before I left [the 1st time], see above post.


    July 17, 2010 at 2:39 pm

  22. Lowestoft’s finest – do you really think what the Tories have got lined up is any better – you mug – thier programme is going to be much much worse – believe me – i’v seen some of the details – it’s a killer…


    July 18, 2010 at 9:48 am

    • What’s up Abu mate?

      You seem worried? no more pimping off New Labour gravy train?

      Then again as you are soon going to find yourself on the wrong side of the desk and in a similar position to a crooked judge being sent to share a cell with the lags he sent down I guess I would be bricking it too in your position.

      Finally stop talking waffle about seeing details you’re a nobody, the only details you will see are those on your P45.

      Call Me Dave

      July 18, 2010 at 10:39 am

      • From Privtate service provider Parasite to KFC opperative overnight.The Colonel has a badge with your name on it Abu.

        KFC You Got IT Abu.

        Call Me Dave

        July 18, 2010 at 1:16 pm

      • Dave, can I call you Dave? Get on you bike …


        July 24, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    • I love the smell of Abu shitting itself in the morning.


      July 18, 2010 at 3:02 pm

  23. Abu: ” 100% outcome based payment system”. Put that in your parasitic provider pipe and smoke it!

    Funny A4e Photos

    July 18, 2010 at 12:52 pm

  24. Chat Log of Live Chat:

    8:43 Comment From The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 21:43:04
    Hi i,m looking forward to talking to you live from 9:45pm

    9:18 C4CommunityProducer
    20 July 2010, 22:18:25
    Hi – The Fairy Jobmother will be back after 9:45 to answer your questions. Please submit your questions now and we hope to get them answered. Please understand that not all questions/comments can be published. Thank you

    9:46 Comment From doris
    20 July 2010, 22:46:54
    What do you think the government should be doing to help get people like tonight’s family off benefits?

    9:48 Comment From Mark Grierson
    20 July 2010, 22:48:01
    Good Evening Hayley, not a question as such I just wanted to drop you a line to say well done and thankyou, i watched the documentary lasy year showing your classes at a4e in doncaster, and i thought it was really motivataional, I have recently moved into training and got so much from observing you. As for the job mother programme, absolutley love it, well done great to see people like you on tv.

    9:50 Comment From The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 22:50:34
    I would love to see individual case workers for the unemployed, I hate the one size fits all that is currently used.

    9:51 Comment From Meg
    20 July 2010, 22:51:33
    Thank God someone is beginning to make these lazy people realise that we are all keeping them . Tonights family are definitely needing a swift look at their life and realise that no-one able bodied should be relying on the rest of us keeping them

    9:53 Comment From The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 22:53:11
    Hi Meg, I would say that 75% of the unemployed are not lazy, they wish to work but unfortunately don’t know how to feel about themselves in order to progress into work.

    9:53 Comment From ria assili
    20 July 2010, 22:53:30
    hello hayley, i have a job interview on friday and was wondering if you could give me some tips. I always seem to get really nervous for some reason and I think thats why I fail at times.

    9:54 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 22:54:59
    Hi, Hold your head up, walk tall firm hand shake, direct eye contact and smile, explain you feel a little nervous and the interviewer will understand…good luck x

    9:56 Comment From emma
    20 July 2010, 22:56:16
    hi hayley, how do i write a good cv?

    9:57 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 22:57:46
    A good CV is about selling yourself, list all your personal and proffesional qualities, don’t make it too fancy, list your hobbies and interests in a sentence form it gives the employer an insight into who you are as a person and d thats important.

    9:57 Comment From Anna
    20 July 2010, 22:57:56
    What do you think is the biggest barrier preventing people from getting into employment?

    9:58 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 22:58:48
    The biggest barrier is a lack of self belief…if you feel you can achieve you will without a shadow of a doubt…believe in yourself.

    9:58 C4CommunityProducer
    20 July 2010, 22:58:53
    Keep the questions coming – not all can be published immediately, but the Fairy Jobmother is as busy as a bee answering as many questions as possible!

    9:59 Comment From Mary
    20 July 2010, 22:59:00
    Hi Hayley- what makes a person stand out in interview?

    9:59 Comment From Lizzy
    20 July 2010, 22:59:19
    Hi Hayley, just to say we love you, loved you in the documentary and was so excited to see you had your own programme. Are you on twitter? Hope to see a second, third etc series with you! Keep up the good work! x

    10:00 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:00:06
    The confidence they show, fantastic marketability, a sense of wanting to progress and ask lots of questions…ps…resaerch the company throughly.

    10:00 Comment From Guest
    20 July 2010, 23:00:22
    Hi hayley, my boyfriend is a new grad with a 2.1 degree + a 1.1 masters and after 1 year STILL has no luck! Any advice you can give to make him stand out from the crowd and to keep the morale up?

    10:00 Comment From rebecca
    20 July 2010, 23:00:47
    Your programme is FANTASTIC and should show a LOT of Britain that WE CAN ALL GO TO WORK!!

    10:01 Comment From Sashi
    20 July 2010, 23:01:37
    Fairy Jobmother, you do a fantastic job helping people better their lives. May God bless you & Thank you.

    10:01 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:01:48
    Well done on achieving so much…I would say be human as a lot of graduates go in with a sometimes know it all attitude, employers love the human touch and someone who stresses they are very keen and willing to learn new skills even though they are highly qualified.

    10:02 Comment From Chelsea
    20 July 2010, 23:02:06
    How can I get into drug and alcohol rehabilitation work with no experience nor a Social Work degree?

    10:03 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:03:30
    Hi, Please take a look at volunteering for an alcohol or drug dependancy unit, they always need people like you and will sometimes offer trainee positions with the opportunity of gaining NVQ while on the experience.

    10:03 Comment From gilian
    20 July 2010, 23:03:45
    how can i get my 19 year old son more confident and motivated seeking work, he has had that many knockbacks that it is affecting him even looking now.

    10:04 Comment From Paula
    20 July 2010, 23:04:26
    I deal with people on benefits daily and have used some of your skills within my role. I want to congratulate you on a fantasic show that shows if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Keep up the good work !!

    10:04 Comment From Becky
    20 July 2010, 23:04:33
    You do a great job with the public – why cant the goverment offer the same service?? its so frustrating!!

    10:04 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:04:56
    Praise, praise and more praise. Get out all his achievments from school discuss them and remind him just what he has achieved…tell him you are so proud and that the right opportunity is out there for him.

    10:05 Comment From Martin
    20 July 2010, 23:05:12
    Like the show, love the show your ans inspiration

    10:05 Comment From Danny
    20 July 2010, 23:05:22
    How do you get a job without any experience?

    10:05 Comment From Guest
    20 July 2010, 23:05:43
    Very inspiring show

    10:05 C4CommunityProducer
    20 July 2010, 23:05:46
    The fairy Jobmother is working as hard as she can to answer your questions, so please, please be patient. Many thanks

    10:06 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:06:13
    If you have no experience, stress how much you want to learn and offer to work for free to show a willingness to enhance your prospects.

    10:06 Comment From Louise
    20 July 2010, 23:06:17

    10:06 Comment From Nigel
    20 July 2010, 23:06:20
    What are the 5 biggest mistakes to make at a job interview?

    10:06 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:06:57
    Eating, drinking, chewing gum, laughing and generally not looking like you care.

    10:07 Comment From Happy
    20 July 2010, 23:07:12
    I have been out of work long term due to depression but am now feeling more positive and looking for a job. How do I explain my lack of job experience because of this? My CV looks terrible because of this

    10:07 Comment From ria assili
    20 July 2010, 23:07:26
    Thank you for your reply.

    10:08 Comment From Guest
    20 July 2010, 23:08:06
    We need more people like you! You are doing an amazing job!

    10:08 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:08:22
    I understand your dilema, and I fell that unless you are asked specifics then avoid any suggestion of the depression, say you have not felt ready until now, and were waiting for the right opportunity.

    10:08 Comment From kay
    20 July 2010, 23:08:33
    my boyfriend has been out of work for about 5 months cos of a criminal record…will anyne give him a chance?

    10:09 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:09:39
    Yes of course if you contact A4e they have a provision called Progress to Work who help ex offenders into the workplace…this is an excellent provision so see if you can find your nearest branch.

    10:10 Comment From tom
    20 July 2010, 23:10:12
    should i lie on CV’s to get myself an interview?

    10:10 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:10:55
    OMG, no never, you will eventually be found out and could face being dismissed, be honest and big up your strenghts.

    10:11 Comment From Clare Ellen
    20 July 2010, 23:11:14
    have you ever worked with anyone who you actually thought was unemployable – go on be honest! – and if so, why?

    10:11 C4CommunityProducer
    20 July 2010, 23:11:24
    Thank you for your comments, the Fairy Jobmother is typing as hard as she can to answer your questions. We appreciate your patience.

    10:12 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:12:02
    Yes I have many times, they didn’t want to work and told me so, I can only help those who want to help themselves.

    10:12 Comment From Jess
    20 July 2010, 23:12:13
    whats the best way to ask if placeshave any jobs going? im really nervous in asking.

    10:13 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:13:14
    Just walk in a sk to speak to the manager and explain you have never done this before but are serious and willing to learn. Ask them to have you for a day to prove yourself.

    10:13 Comment From Guest
    20 July 2010, 23:13:21
    how would you dress for an interview at a fashionable retail store?

    10:14 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:14:28
    Wear the current trends, but don’t go overboard with accessories, you need to wear preferably something that store is currently selling!!!! this gives you a talking point with the employer too.

    10:14 C4CommunityProducer
    20 July 2010, 23:14:32
    Hi – While the Fairy Jobmother is answering your questions, you may be able to check out Hayley’s top ten tips that have been provided on the Channel 4 website, go to: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-fairy-jobmother/articles/category/how-tos

    10:16 Comment From Pauline Thomas
    20 July 2010, 23:16:13
    Hayley you are an inspiration to people who are stuck and have no emotional freedom, I have changed my life through my own means, and its been very difficult I am doing an MA at the moment, but I would like to say how good I found this programme and wish you all the best.

    10:16 Comment From upsydaisy
    20 July 2010, 23:16:59
    do you find your work depressing sometimes? like if people don’t listen and dont want to find jobs?

    10:18 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:18:03
    No never, I find it so intersting to question their reasons and thats when I get to the bottom of whats really going on…I love the challenge.

    10:18 Comment From peter
    20 July 2010, 23:18:08
    I am over sixty but would still like to work any suggestions

    10:19 Comment From Shirley
    20 July 2010, 23:19:07
    If David Camerons “Big Society” is going to work then Employers have to take their social responsibilities seriously and help the unemployed to understand what they are looking for and what it means to work for them, what the interview procedures are etc. Companies have their part to play and not just for TV! Hayley is doing a stella job but she is but one woman and this situation is much bigger than her.

    10:19 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:19:26
    So many employers love the over 60’s so take a look at places where you can identify people of your own age, hospitals particularly love your age group as you have wonderful empathy and listening skills…give them a try.

    10:20 Channel 4 Community Manager
    20 July 2010, 23:20:16
    Thank-you for all your comments and questions, we’re publishing as many as we can tonight

    10:20 Comment From sally
    20 July 2010, 23:20:19
    Im trying to go self employed as a nail tech, Im on benefits right now, Im finding it all so confusing, is this something the citizens advice will help me with? as the job centre don’t seem know much on how to go about this?

    10:21 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:21:12
    Self employment is easily explained if you go to your local Chamber of Commerce, they help you set up your business and can access grants etc.

    10:21 C4CommunityProducer
    20 July 2010, 23:21:36
    Hi – you will be able to read back on the Fairy Jobmother’s tips by replaying the live chat once we have finished. For immediate tips from the Fairy Jobmother, go to: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-fairy-jobmother/articles/category/how-tos

    10:21 Comment From Louise
    20 July 2010, 23:21:44
    So, I’m 33 years old and determined to change career to a field which I am familiar with, but I have no work experience at whatsoever. My question is – and please do apologise if it’s not related to the programme – that is it worth to get myself trained to something entirely different at this old age? If I think about it – I will face up to two years of studying, and when I’m finished I’ll be still there without experience.. My fear is that no employer would hire a middle-aged novice. What I can think of is to offer voluntary work so that in return I had something on my cv, but not being a teen is really makes me feel ashamed and embarrased. Could you please advise me on the realisticly achievable targets I can set up? Many thanks, you are great!:) love, Louise

    10:23 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:23:12
    V oluntary work is just the best way forward..I know because I have done it, you can also gain NVQ’S at certain voluntary establishments. It would also build up your confidence and self esteem and looks amazing on your CV.

    10:23 Comment From Guest
    20 July 2010, 23:23:25
    Hi Hayley, I love the show and think you are fantastic! Great attitude and positivity a great role model. I also watched you in the beneift busters show. If you could, what recommendations would you put to the government to help people get back to work and would you be interested in a role if they offered you one?

    10:24 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:24:23
    No, no no, I like work with the people and for the people. I don’t have any political view other than look at the people and not the policys.

    10:24 Comment From Tara
    20 July 2010, 23:24:52
    My father cannot get permanent work. He is 60 with no pension. He is the hardest working person I know, likeable, respectable and very smart. He was a very successful banker in the 80s. He thinks that being 60 no-one will give him a job so he works for a temping agency reading metres. He looks all the time and says there’s nothing out there for him. Who / what can help him to get back into work??

    10:26 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:26:40
    Take a look at places where you can thrive and be yourself and use your life skills, B+Q love your age group, Hospitals also…get out there and ask I think you may be surprised how many employers don’t want 18 yr olds….garden centres also are a great place to try.

    10:27 Comment From Guest
    20 July 2010, 23:27:19
    if i have not had any job for over 5 year and have no reference , how can i place a reference on my CV?

    10:28 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:28:35
    This is not essential employers ask for personal referees so I would put them down. Also you old School should provide you with a generic reference.

    10:28 C4CommunityProducer
    20 July 2010, 23:28:59
    Hi – you will be able to read back on the Fairy Jobmother’s tips by replaying the live chat once we have finished. For immediate tips from the Fairy Jobmother, go to: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-fairy-jobmother/articles/category/how-tos

    10:29 Comment From Guest
    20 July 2010, 23:29:05
    Hello Fairy Jobmother. Maybe you could help me. I don’t really have any “real” work experience. I’ve only really played football proffessionally for most of my adult life. Now I’m doing a part-time degree in Law and would like to gain some work experience in this area.Any suggestions?

    10:31 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:31:00
    Try the CAB, they have law trained students all the time, this could possibly provide you with an opening, of course it depends on what area of law you have studied. Also try Debt management companies as they are regulated. Voluntary work within a solicitors I feel is the most obvious place to go.

    10:31 Comment From claire
    20 July 2010, 23:31:19
    does hair colour matter? I have dark red hair but its not in your face bright red. I will be honest, i do not do your normal blonde, brunettee or natural red head, i like to be a little different.

    10:31 Comment From Jessica
    20 July 2010, 23:31:56
    have you tried contacting law companies? Last year i wrote to every psychology department in the north east saying i would wok for free, whether it be filing, cleaning whatever – only one contacted me and i got a job as a ed psych assistant

    10:32 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:32:39
    No I don’t think it will but obviously the style will affect how obvious it appears. Don’t wear outrageous clothing though or the employer will remember you for all the wrong reasons.

    10:32 Comment From Sally
    20 July 2010, 23:32:52
    Hi, great job on the show. Can you please tell me the best way to go about gaining an NVQ with voluntary work like you mentioned earlier? Many thanks

    10:34 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:34:08
    If you look into Vouluntary work ask if they have any training provider schemes in place as if you can get reffered onto one of those you stand a good chance of being able to do NVQ’s for example in retail.

    10:34 Comment From Ste Smith
    20 July 2010, 23:34:32
    Hi Hayley, I can’t get back into security work, iv got my S.I.A licence, but just having no luck. Iv got 5years experience in security, but at interviews they always say there looking for someone with more experience, so i don’t know what to do. Can you give me any advice please?

    10:36 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:36:27
    It would depend on where you are looking to use your licence, try new building sites and supermarkets, department stores and the unconventional areas. The pubs and clubs are now mainly run by syndicates. Gatehouses at large companys offer this kind of work on a regular basis.

    10:37 Comment From Jason
    20 July 2010, 23:37:28
    Please answer my question, I’m 23, fresh out of university, which so far has hindered more than helped my chosen career path. I have a degree in Marketing & Tourism, but employers keep asking about experience, fresh out of university the only experience I have is bar work. Please help me

    10:39 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:39:00
    Really look into areas to use your marketing and tourism…PGL kids holidays and camp america love people like you that way you can gain some relevent experience…holiday camps also are a terrific place to use your knowledge.

    10:39 C4CommunityProducer
    20 July 2010, 23:39:07
    Hi – you will be able to read back on the Fairy Jobmother’s tips by replaying the live chat once we have finished. For immediate tips from the Fairy Jobmother, go to: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-fairy-jobmother/articles/category/how-tos
    In the meantime, the Fairy Jobmother is working as hard as she can to answer all your questions.

    10:39 Comment From Andy
    20 July 2010, 23:39:40
    Should have said I love the show, big dollops of sound Yorkshire common sense!

    10:40 Comment From ash
    20 July 2010, 23:40:33
    Hayley please help – i am currently on a goverment back to work scheme and its due to end in the next 2 months, i really want to be a police officer but with the new cuts coming in that looks out of the question and me and my partner have a baby so she expects a wage week in week out – but i would rather have a career – any advice on a trade or profession on the rise i could study at college ????

    10:42 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:42:03
    I would say there is no trade or proffesion on the rise but have you looked into the specials, fireservice and the communtiy police wardens these would be good areas for you to investigate and could give you a carreer opportunity.

    10:42 Comment From Ruby
    20 July 2010, 23:42:36
    I have a job interview on Friday for a temporary clerical position. However, my long-term goal is to pursue a career in theatre acting. If asked “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 years Time?” I am worried that it will come across like I have only applied for the office job until I can find something better (when infact I am very enthusiastic about it). Any advice on how to explain this would be appreciated. Thank you

    10:44 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:44:10
    I would say that in order to persue your dream you were waiting for the right opportunity to come along…and that time is now!!! even in theatre administarative experience is relevant so play towards that

    10:44 Comment From Amy
    20 July 2010, 23:44:21
    I really liked your show hayley. Can you explain what an NVQ qualification is? I thought it was just required for teaching?

    10:45 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:45:16
    It is a National Vocational Qualification that can be gained in almost any area of employment, you can gain these whilst on the job…so to speak.

    10:45 Channel 4 Community Manager
    20 July 2010, 23:45:40
    Hi everyone, keep your questions coming in, Hayley will be with us for another 15 minutes.

    10:45 Comment From Guest
    20 July 2010, 23:45:41
    Whats the best way to send a CV or spec letter? Do I send them first or second class? Do I use DL (3 fold), C5 (half) or C4 (A4)? Do I get windowed envelopes or write on them?

    10:46 Comment From kerry
    20 July 2010, 23:46:45
    great show, welldone

    10:47 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:47:31
    It would depend on the position applied for, send a CV and spec letter if you are just enquiring about vacancies, send just a CV if you are applying for an advertised vacancy, always 1st class no matter what, and you hand write the address on a non window envelope.

    10:48 Comment From Sarah
    20 July 2010, 23:48:28
    Hello Hayley, saw your programme for the first time today and must say was taken abaack by the hope it gave. As a recent graduate and not having been in employment for a while, what are the best ways to seek a succesful job abroad amidst the economic recovery?

    10:50 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:50:06
    I would say that there is a magazine, although I don’t know it’s name that advertises positions working abroad. Ask at wh smith as they may be able to advise you better. Au pair work is advertised in the back of The Lady magazine if thats what you would be good at .

    10:50 C4CommunityProducer
    20 July 2010, 23:50:22
    The Fairy Jobmother is doing as best as she can to answer your questions, we do appreciate your patience and please be aware that not all questions can possibly answered. Thank you for your understanding.

    10:50 Comment From katiee
    20 July 2010, 23:50:45
    hiaa Hayley im 17 and i’v just finished college i really want a job and i apply at loads of places but none seem to get back to me!! i’v done my CV and i’v got a few qualifications so i don’t undertand what im doin wrong its like all the jobs ave been taken in bradford!! x

    10:51 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:51:54
    You are not doing anything wrong…look a little further afield but within reasonable travelling distance…this shows your keen for employment if you are prepared to travel.

    10:52 Comment From Bex
    20 July 2010, 23:52:32
    I got sacked from my last job, should I tell my new employees this? I am scared this will just be a big put off

    10:53 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:53:57
    I would say be honest but don’t use the word sacked. Say that you felt that the position didn’t challenge you enough, and you became frustrated and decided it was a mutual decision between you and the employer that you should leave that role.

    10:54 Comment From chris
    20 July 2010, 23:54:10
    Why dont jobcentre’s do more to help people get back to work ? and why dont employers phone you when they say they will at your interview this has happened 6 times in as many weeks

    10:56 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:56:03
    This is because of the volume of claimants, and the timescales they have to deal with each customer, I know a lot of advisors who really do care but just don’t have the time to do what they would like to. They are given high targets and with targets comes someone suffering…which in your case is you…for which I feel so sorry

    10:56 Channel 4 Community Manager
    20 July 2010, 23:56:14
    5 minutes to go. Thanks everyone for such a lot of thoughtful questions and comments, we’re only sorry that we’re not able to publish every one. A special big thank you to Hayley for answering so many questions tonight.

    10:56 Comment From Guest
    20 July 2010, 23:56:17
    What is the greatest transferable skill a person could possess?

    10:57 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:57:17
    I would say all skilss are transferable but having the ability to communicate both spoken and by listening is the skill that everyone needs in order to progress.

    10:58 Channel 4 Community Manager
    20 July 2010, 23:58:35
    Hayley if there was one thing you could to do help Job Seekers everywhere what would it be?

    10:59 The Fairy Jobmother
    20 July 2010, 23:59:47
    If I could change one thing about the system it would be that people should stop stereotyping and admit that help is needed on an individual basis, not a one size fits all, what we need is different for all of us, and if we could be heard that would make such a difference to the whole system.

    11:02 The Fairy Jobmother
    21 July 2010, 00:02:35
    Just to say I am sorry to those who’s qestions I didn’t answer. But your support for the work I do and the support for my series means so much…I know thats easy to say but I have learnt so much from each and every one of you tonight….Thankyou
    Hayley x

    Flexible New Deal

    July 20, 2010 at 10:10 pm

  25. Hi Hayley,I am currently unemployed after working on a temporary contract with Job Centre Plus. I would really like to work for A4E, to help people get back their self belief and confidence. I have made several applications to them in the past,been for several interviews with them and cannot seem to get feedback. I was offered a role last November but
    had just started with DWP. How can I get this company to take notice of what Ihave to offer? Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks


    August 23, 2010 at 7:32 am

    • Hi Carolyn

      Thanks for getting in touch. A4e have lots of fantastic opportunities for someone with such drive, determination and ambition as yourself. Pop of a CV ASAP to tendancecoatesy@live.co.uk and I’ll have you sorted in a flash.

      Best Wishes


      Hayley Taylor

      August 23, 2010 at 9:20 am

  26. Barstard. That is a stitch up Coates you know that is your email and NOT the sainted Haley


    August 23, 2010 at 9:57 am

    • Benefits, Behave yourself with your groundless allegations!!!

      IUP would never do a thing like that, it has has award winning contributers…Comrade Coates are for egg and spoon racing.

      Lowestoft's Finest

      August 23, 2010 at 11:28 am

  27. Lowestoft’s Finest {?}!

    We know that the email address
    tendancecoatsey@live.co.uk AND
    iunemployed@live.co.uk are the email address of Mr Andrew Coates. We know this as we have had cause to contact him by email on other matters. Judging by your comment, It could be that YOU Lowestoft’s finest know more than you are letting on. We also think that you {ALLEGEDLY MAYBE} Flexible New Deal and or Funny A4E Photos. We can’t yet prove that you are Scarface, but given enough time….


    August 23, 2010 at 11:37 am

    • Hey Benefits, bigmouth. You got a problem, buddy?


      August 23, 2010 at 11:41 am

    • The Real DWP contacting the Real Comrade Coates via email? I don’t think so somehow.

      Unless it was to conradulate him for winning top prize in the Nigerian national lottery which he could collect after paying a small processing fee up front?

      Lowestoft's Finest

      August 23, 2010 at 12:12 pm

      • This is are E-Mail addresses – like I set up for all those tempting offers of Viagra and business opportunities in East Africa.

        Now since I’ve given my bank details to a very charming sounding bird from Lagos I now longer have any need to claim Dole!

        Andrew Coates

        August 23, 2010 at 1:34 pm

      • Congradulations Mr. Andrew Coates… …Your’l soon be so rich you will be able to loan the crisis loan fund money.


        Mr. Trustworthy Ajumogobia
        (Minister For Sheep and Goats)

        Port Harcourt, NG

        Lowestoft's Finest

        August 23, 2010 at 2:20 pm

  28. I have reserved a nice room for you at Jacksonville Criminal Correction Facility Mr Scarface. it’s on-suite no windows, and I will consider 3 meals a day. We have a nice work programme too. 16 hours a day stitching mail bags. And if you are lucky, we may even send you on a chain gang. thats 20 hours a day.
    I look forward to seeing you soon

    J Edgar Hoover

    August 23, 2010 at 12:48 pm

  29. it looks as if she’s going to appear in a us version of “jobmother”

    Meanwhile, Hayley Taylor of Benefit Busters and Fairy Jobmother fame is about to star in the US version of Jobmother. They’re giving it 8 episodes there, amazingly. None of the previews mentions her former life with A4e, probably because the company isn’t known there, but Hayley has become an “international career specialist”. If one website, Deadline Hollywood is anything to go by, there will be the same sort of mixed reaction over there as here.



    October 2, 2010 at 12:24 am

  30. This is not a personal attack on Hayley Taylor but rather her methods. Perhaps her ideology of enforced work, of any kind and of any nature as improving the human condition may have served her well in the past.

    Although work can restore an element of purpose, pride and dignity, it’s crucial that this work is the right work for a person. Her tactics of bullying people in to any available job, however unsuited they may be seems to be a worrying trend, something that is going to increase with the privatization of JobCentres. In anything other than the immediate short term this approach doesn’t solve deeper, underlying issues. Somebody bullied into a job they dislike is hardly going to be productive or even last in that job very long.


    July 6, 2011 at 10:28 am

  31. I am receiving subsidized and unsubsidized loan for my first year in college. Its going to be total of 9500 dollars. I am currently working and I make enough to support myself but I was just wanting to pay off all my debt to eliminate my bills so I dont have to work so much while in school. 9500 will cover my payments i owe for my car and credit cards.

    I though loan was my money and they had no saying to what i spend on. But, I stumbled across to someone today and she told me its strictly education expense only and if they some how finds out that I am in trouble.

    is this true?

    credit card gateway

    August 29, 2011 at 2:30 pm

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