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Call for DWP Death Statistics will Not Go Away with ‘Start Smiling Again’.

DWP Funded Answer to People with Mental Health Problems.

Release the Death Statistics on Benefit Cuts to Show Their Full Impact

Mark Sivier. Huffington Post.

Following last week’s budget announcement of £12billion in benefit cuts, how many people will die as a result? Dramatic as it may sound, there is already solid evidence that deaths directly correlate to the harsh family benefits caps like those the government plans to introduce. But that evidence is being hushed up. And you can help it become public by signing the petition I’ve set up on Change.org, which appeals for its release.

I’m asking Iain Duncan Smith to stop blocking the publication of these death statistics from the past four years, which reveal how many people have died within six weeks of their benefits being stopped.

Between January and November 2011, 10,600 people died while claiming Employment and Support Allowance. Some, of course, would have sadly died anyway because they were ill or because – put bluntly – people die. Analysis showed that 1,300 of those deaths were in the ‘Work Related Activity Group’ – those expected to be well enough to return to work within a year. It’s false to say – as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has – that the link between deaths and benefit cuts is tenuous.

The DWP has thought of all sorts of reasons not to release the post-2011 death statistics. Initially, they claimed the request would create an undue burden on its time and resources. This was later disproven when it admitted it could indeed provide some of the information within the Freedom of Information request cost limit of £600. Then, they said they were planning to publish the information at an unspecified time in the future – and only recently revealed that this was not true – the information to be released would show the deaths as a ratio, not the actual number of deaths that have occurred.

(see link above for full story).

Perhaps this is part of their response:

A Wales-based company is partnering with the Department for Work and Pensions to roll out an initiative in South Wales job centres. to get people with mental health problems back into work.

The ‘Press Pause to Play’ programme was piloted in Swansea towards the end of last year, helping people with anxiety and depression through a combination of psychology, physiology and neuroscience.

Run by a specialist stress and anxiety management company, the programme reportedly saw 50% of participants successfully run to work.

By partnering with the Department for Work and Pensions, the company – ‘Start Smiling Again’ hope to achieve similar results across Wales by rolling the programme out to a number of job centres in South Wales.

This is the Start Smiling Company.….


Hi, I’m David Rahman, Harley Street Therapist, founder of Start Smiling Again and creator of the revolutionary Blueprint Therapy & Coaching. By visiting this website today, you have already taken that first important step towards regaining health, happiness and the confidence to live the life you deserve.

Anyone can suffer debilitating stress, anxiety and depression at any time. Nobody chooses to experience these illnesses, but when it happens to you, it can seem that there will never be a light at the end of the tunnel; that you will always feel the way you do right now. You may have unsuccessfully undergone therapy before; you may have read self-help books or seen GPs and specialists only still to be left misunderstood and without the help you need.

This is the kind of stuff the DWP is now funding (from David Rahman’s Facebook page Believe in yourself – – it’s not made up):

Fail. Then Win.

Hi, David!

How’s it goin’ Dude!

Hi, bloody Hi!

Written by Andrew Coates

July 16, 2015 at 4:16 pm