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Mandatory Work Activity Preferred Bidders: ATOS and Other Chancers…

Mandatory Work Activity – The scheme mandates four weeks’ unpaid work for up to 30 hours a week. Although the government claims it is “community work”, its definition of this includes working “for the profit of the host  organisation.

Mandatory Work Activity Preferred Bidders. Update: Friday 13 July 2012

Following a re-let exercise for CPA 01, the preferred bidders for Mandatory Work Activity are now as follows:

CPA CPA Name Preferred Bidder
CPA1 South East Atos
CPA2 South West Rehab Group
CPA3 London Seetec
CPA4 East of England Seetec
CPA5 East Midlands Ingeus
CPA6 West Midlands ESG
CPA7 North West JHP Group
CPA8 Yorkshire and Humber BEST
CPA9 North East Ingeus
CPA10 Scotland JHP Group
CPA11 Wales Rehab Group
Hat-Tip to Tobanem.
This is the full list of the companies getting their hands on forced labour contracts.
Nobody will be surprised that ATOS – with their ‘record’ – got their pushy feet through the door.

SEETEC is one of Britain’s top 100 ‘fastest growing companies’.

Seetec Business Technology Centre is another of the select handful of companies who also made last year’s Hot 100 list. In fact, despite the ravages of the recession, this recruitment and training company comfortably made it into our top 20 again. Founded in 1984, Seetec, based in Essex, has become one of the largest and most experienced providers of government-funded welfare to work and skills-training programmes. The company employs more than 500 people across a national network of 50 employment and training centres, and helps thousands of people each year to find work or gain qualifications through a diverse portfolio of employability or skills contracts. Last year, Seetec pulled in £21.2m in sales and profits of £2.112m. This enabled the company, which is 56 per cent owned by founder Peter Cooper, to pay total dividends of £990,608. Some ten per cent of the company’s shares are owned by an employee trust .

In 2011 the Guardian reports,  Peter Cooper, was paid nearly £2m in salary and share dividends.

We reported last year that  Seetec is reportedly refusing to reimburse travel expenses for those attending their Ipswich centre for complusory interviews for less than 2 hours.

 Rehab group is an Irish and British ‘Charity’.

This scandal broke in the Irish Republic last year (Here),

Former Miss World Rosanna Davison helped launch the charity’s online bingo site Former Miss World Rosanna Davison helped launch the charity’s online bingo site

The Sunday Times can reveal that the Rehab Group, Ireland’s largest disability-services charity, has received more than €365m from various state agencies in the past five years.

More than €33m of it came from the Charitable Lotteries Fund, set up to compensate charities for income lost to the National Lottery. Rehab’s total income from the fund since it was established in 1997 exceeds €75m.

It emerged three weeks ago that Angela Kerins, chief executive of Rehab Group, has an annual remuneration package worth more than €400,000. The charity, which employs 3,500 people and has a €200m annual turnover, says senior executives’ salaries are not drawn from state funds.

 The Guardian reports this on Ingeus, “Therese Rein, managing director of Ingeus, whose company paid £3.8m in dividends last year – Rein holds around 97% of its shares.”
JHP group is a model of transparency. |Of its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director and  Jim Chambers we know this: “Annual Compensation: There is no Annual Compensation data available.Stocks Options: There is no Stock Options data available.

Total Compensation. There is no Total Compensation data available.

ESG is closely linked to  Sovereign Capital, a private equity company that makes a good living from public funds,
ESG: Gavin Freed Chief Executive.Gavin joined esg. as CEO in September 2010, while maintaining his role as CEO of Paragon Skills which he has held since May 2007. Paragon is a sister company to esg. being part of Sovereign Capital, a leading private equity group. Gavin’s role focuses on managing the executive team in its achievement of the operational and strategic business objectives of the two companies. His involvement with both allows esg.’s predominance in the north and Paragon’s strength in the south to combine and create a powerful, national provider integrating the best of employability and skills services.

BEST (Building Engineering Services Training) is a leading UK training provider for the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector. 

They look like a company simply cashing in on the Employment Programme bonanza  for private ‘providers’.

A4e fraud: current Mandatory Work Activity contract in jeopardy

A4e could be in shit. deep shit. Not some contract from the past… but now they are being investigated for fraud on a live contract.

Don’t get your hopes up though. Mandatory Work Activity scheme is a DWP set-up bribes for benefit sanctions workfare scheme. Its sole intention is forcing people off benefits (either sign off or 3 month sanctions) more than enslaving people to work for nothing (I wont mention that every National Minimum Wage group except the top one will be frozen this October. Oh, too bad I just did!).  Be late again (or commit any “offence”) that 3 months becomes 6 months. Yes, you guessed it the likes of A4e keeps the “bribe” regardless if you complete 4 weeks, do one day or don’t start. That is not fraud. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Universal Jobmatch

March 9, 2012 at 4:25 pm

Workfare workers are employees of the Crown?

A new blow for the Government with its Work Programme, Community Action Programme, Mandatory Work Activity and Work Experience schemes as it has been suggested that the jobseekers being placed on mandatory placements through statutory legislation are in effect Crown employees.

Regardless of being assigned to the premises of an company (we prefer not to say employer in such context) or the street:-

  • there is no employment contract expressly written, verbal or implied between the worker and the company;
  • no payment in cash or in kind from said company;
  • jobseekers on the employment programme schemes are statistically employed; and
  • such appointment is exercised through statutory instrument (of an Act of Parliament)

Thus these workfare workers are employees of the Crown, an employee of the State and a public sector worker (regardless if you are operating in a private sector environment) – this is what workfare is all about, working for your benefits.

So, when you are about to start a 6 month stint at Poundland or Tescos stacking shelves with threats to your benefits, make sure you:-

  • Register with UNISON (public sector trade union) for around 81p per week
  • Serve notice on the workfare general (the company you are based at) to alert them of your union membership status
  • Remain active within the union in particular about your working conditions

Conservative welfare plans under threat

Is the game up for the Coalition Government? The attempt for NHS reforms failed miserably, multiple attempts to abolish the National Minimum Wage have all failed so far, and there are threats of huge strikes over the next 6 months… starting with one this week. This is obviously to name just a few!! Read the rest of this entry »

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June 29, 2011 at 9:19 am

Refuse Mandatory Work Activity

Ipswich Unemployed Action reveals how you could avoid the Mandatory Work Activity scheme due to eligibility issues where the The Jobseeker’s Allowance (Mandatory Work Activity Scheme) Regulations 2011 is unenforceable. Read the rest of this entry »