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Ipswich 2015: Can Ben Gummer improve the town?

Ipswich: an economic wasteland, high welfare reliance and stuck back into the early 90’s. Unemployment falling on one hand, on the other hand a new centre as an emergency measure to tackle youth unemployment is introduced! Ipswich’s Canary Wharf-cum-Monte Carlo looks like the aftermath from World War 2. Emphasis to push this has turned the town centre into what looks like the fallout from a Nuclear meltdown incident.  Read the rest of this entry »

Noise Action Group: Ipswich Docks noise

Ipswich Unemployed Action would like to introduce you to the Noise Abatement Group who are appealing for residents in Ipswich who have been kept awake at night due to noise coming from the docks.

The noise is said to be coming from a cement ship – I have personally been kept awake by the noise even though I live at least a good couple of miles from the docks.

Here are some tips on how to complain:

1. If the noise is happening outside normal office hours, phone up the emergency noise number on 433444. If the noise is happening in office hours the number is 433115.
2. Give your name and address and state how it is bothering you
3. State whether you will be willing to allow environment officers in the room where you are suffering the noise. Please note that they will not measure noise from your garden or another room. It usually takes ninety minutes from you complaining to them leaving your house.
4. Log every instance.
5. If the noise is still occurring wait for another four hours before complaining again

Over 30 residents have joined the Noise Abatement Group. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Universal Jobmatch

July 24, 2009 at 10:27 am