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Ipswich Borough Council to terminate Snobs Coffee: increases the Ipswich unemployment count

Probably the biggest hot debate topic in Ipswich right now is Ipswich Borough Council’s decision to virtually evict Snobs Coffee from the Town Hall.

At Snobs Coffee our aim is to create the highest quality espresso in the county. No fuss, no extras-just milk and beans. We are currently taking residence inside the Ipswich Town Hall and when we can, we are seen at events and festivals throughout Suffolk.
People need coffee: from students studying for exams to those people needing a hit to give them the urge and reason to go to work after a long weekend. For festivals, for daily pleasure or for no reason at all, Snobs Coffee is there to give you flavour, the hit, the joy and the passion.

Suffolk has always been a county of producers, so why look elsewhere for our ingredients? At Snobs Coffee we grind only locally roasted coffee and steam only locally farmed milk, bringing you an exceptional coffee from this side of the border. This means we can work closely with other small businesses to bring you the highest quality coffee in Suffolk.

Never leave a cup half empty. Always leave satisfied.

Snobs Coffee is the public cafe based in Gallery One at the Town Hall (up the steps; straight forward) created by an Princes Trust enterprise started by local entrepreneurs Abigail Curtis and Stephanie Larkin.

It didn’t seem that long ago since this temporary pop-up cafe was made permanent due to the sustainable success it created from pretty much an unloved little-used public space right in the heart of the town centre.  Read the rest of this entry »