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Sanctions, Destitution and Food Banks.

In a heart-warming tale we learn this week that,

Foodbanks in South Yorkshire are forging better links with local businesses to help them feed the rising number of hungry families using their services.

Andy Niblock, who works at the Sheffield S6 foodbank based at St Thomas’ Church on Gilpin Street, near Shalesmoor, said they were having to feed more and more hungry mouths.

He said: “There is an ongoing increase in the number of referrals from people with food vouchers wanting to use the foodbank.

“We have partnerships with supermarkets and get very generous donations from lots of people like neighbours, families, schools and churches.”

Companies across South Yorkshire are stepping in to help out foodbanks.

The Star.

In a less heart-warming story we hear that,

A vulnerable 60-year-old has been left penniless and dependent on food bank support after his Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) was sanctioned at the end of July while on the Work Programme. South-east Londoner James Dearsley received a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (below) telling him that he had been sanctioned from July 29 and that his JSA would not be reinstated until October 29. James, who is already in arrears with his council tax, has spent more than three weeks without social security. This withdrawal of money means that he’s already been forced to use Greenwich food bank twice.


 As Johnny Void says,

Understandably much of the rage against the vicious welfare reforms –  which are costing an increasing number of lives – has been aimed at blundering fucking idiot Iain Duncan Smith.

But it is David Cameron who has cheered along whilst the DWP has spent billions driving the poorest people in the country into destitution.  It is David Cameron who has been in charge whilst hundreds of hungry families have queued at foodbanks, or disabled people have been driven from their homes due to the Bedroom Tax.  And it is David Cameron who is ultimately responsible for the deaths of David Clapson, Stephanie Bottrill, Victor CuffJacqueling Harrisand all of those driven to ill health and suicide by his Government’s callous devastation of the social security safety net.

No amount of cockle-warming tales from charitable Business is going to change that.