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Ben Gummer, Ipswich Tory Candidate, Backs Sanctions Regime for Claimants.

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 Gummer Raises a Pint to Punishing the Poor.


Gummer Backs Sanctions Regime.

In reply to a recent letter (23rd of March – above) protesting at the sanctions regime for Benefit claimants Mr Ben Gummer, Ipswich MP and now parliamentary candidate for Ipswich (Conservative) says this:

“I must be honest with you from the outset, however, I support the changes the current government has made to welfare, including sanctioning those who break the conditions for Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA).”

Gummer talks of how the “sanctions regime has been made as fair as possible.” He asserts that, “it is not designed to catch people out or to make life unreasonably difficult.” It will, apparently, “ encourage behaviour that is ultimately in the claimant’s interest”. Why? It “will help the get a job – by discouraging behaviour unhelpful to their prospects”.

There is, he continues, an equitable punishment system in place. People get one level of reprimand for being late for an appointment, another for not turning up the Mandatory Activity Scheme.

Gummer sugars the pill: “small mistakes are therefore relatively lightly dealt with”, and that “all decisions are based on impartial facts”, by a decision-makers high above the Work Coaches.

DWP judges, no doubt schooled in the tradition of King Solomon, and Tribonian (I add the latter as Gummer is both a gentleman and a classical scholar), are in charge of the process.

There is an “appeals” system to boot. The fact that “about 40% “ of the sanctions decision are “revoked” demonstrates how fair the initial decision-making process is.

Gummer believes that the sanctions regime’s aim is to “get people into work by encouraging the kind of behaviour that will make an employer wants them”. He asks, “Why should working people in Ipswich keep funding someone who has the chance to get a job but who simply decides not to work?”

Indeed: not only are the DWP the wisest of lords of the law, but they also have the ability to see that when somebody turns up late for an appointment it’s because they have decided “not to work”. Perhaps they look a certain way, shifty, out to get funding from ‘hard working families’.

Punishment works. Honestly. Among with other (unspecified) “measures” “are succeeding in getting people into employment”. They save people from a “life of unemployment” and let them “fulfil their potential”.

Ipswich Food Banks are full of people fulfilling their potential…..

Ben Gummer’s Direct Link to the DWP:

Ipswich MP, Ben Gummer, Stirs up hatred of Unemployed.

Choosing Not To Work Must No Longer Be An Option

This is when Ben Gummer a few months back – there is no evidence that he changed his views since.

Apart from attempting to stir up divisions between migrant workers and  other people this is his conclusion,

Long term unemployment is falling too, but is still far too high: 740 people in Ipswich have been out of work for more than twelve months. For those that want to get a job, the amount of support they receive is now greater than ever before – in skills, in training, in interview practice and in work placements. But there is still a small number who are unwilling to make a go of it. Our benefit reforms have made it much harder for such people to choose to live on benefits – and the prime minster has promised that, should he win the next election, we will do more. I support this: when there is the possibility of work, everyone in this town should have the opportunity – and duty – to work. Otherwise, it is the rest of us – the low paid included – who must pay for that lifestyle decision.

I note this on his Twitter feed (17th December):

View image on Twitter

Gummer, who obviously has read some gibberish in a Tory press release rather than understood anything about long-term unemployment, feebly replied that there are lots of new jobs out there.

And there is this in Wikipedia,

 Gummer is the eldest child of former Conservative Cabinet Minister John Gummer, Baron Deben, and Penelope Jane Gardner. John Gummer was MP for Suffolk Coastal until the 2010 general election, when he moved to the House of Lords. Gummer attended St Saviour’s Church of England Primary School in Ealing, west London. Between 1987 and 1991 he was a chorister at St John’s College, Cambridge, where he sang under George Guest and Christopher Robinson. Gummer was a music scholar at Tonbridge School in Kent. Having won the Vellacott Historical Essay Prize he took a starred double first in History at Peterhouse, Cambridge, where he was an exhibitioner and scholar.

After graduating, Gummer became director of ICWL, a small engineering firm handling water-cooled refrigerators,[and between 2005 and 2010 was Managing Director of family-owned Sancroft International, a company set up and led by his father John Gummer; in his five-year tenure the company’s size more than doubled.

MP for the Ipswich constituency in the general election of 2010,

Mr Gummer is the author of the following:

The Scourging Angel: The Black Death in the British Isles. London: 2009.

In October 2013 he became PPS to the Education Secretary, Michael Gove.When Gove became Chief Whip in the 2014 reshuffle, Gummer became PPS to Nicky Morgan.

Oh yes, he really has a lot in common with the low paid…..

He has indeed had a lot lifestyle choices as well.


Written by Andrew Coates

December 30, 2014 at 11:55 am

Ipswich 2015: Can Ben Gummer improve the town?

Ipswich: an economic wasteland, high welfare reliance and stuck back into the early 90’s. Unemployment falling on one hand, on the other hand a new centre as an emergency measure to tackle youth unemployment is introduced! Ipswich’s Canary Wharf-cum-Monte Carlo looks like the aftermath from World War 2. Emphasis to push this has turned the town centre into what looks like the fallout from a Nuclear meltdown incident.  Read the rest of this entry »

Iain Duncan Smith Greeted with Shouts of ‘Murderer’ as he visits Ipswich.

Earlier in the day.

We had a long wait for Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) yesterday (we began at 9 o’clock)  but he finally arrived at “MyGo” Ipswich at 5.00 pm, accompanied by Ben Gummer, before heading off to a £45 a head Tory fund raising dinner in Melton.

This Tory Party stunt received a hostile welcome from many people.

Members of DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts)  from Suffolk and Norfolk, and Suffolk Peoples Assembly made sure the message that his term of office as Work & Pensions Minister has been a disaster for people with disabilities and should be terminated immediately came over loud and clear.

As we stood many Ipswich people came up and told us their own stories of how IDS has made their lives worse.

Cries of ‘murderer’ greeted the Tory Toff as he was spotted in the building.

So effective was this messaging that the tv interview they were trying to conduct had to be moved from room to room within the building – only for DPAC banners and renewed chanting to pop up outside the window of each successive refuge.

We think they might have had to hide in the broom cupboard to complete the footage!

The report on Look East (BBC) mentioned that a “small group of protesters tried to disrupt the visit.”

They showed the Proud Banner of Suffolk DPAC in the window of the room where he’d finally scurried to.

Report from Sarah and Andy.


Written by Andrew Coates

November 21, 2014 at 11:00 am

Unemployment to Disappear in Ipswich!

MyGo will offer 16 to 24 year olds in Ipswich and the surrounding areas free training, career and employment support.

Led by businesses, local councils, New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and Jobcentre Plus, the programme aims to halve youth unemployment in the greater Ipswich area over the next two years.

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer (Mayor of Ipswich, Minister for Ipswich, Vice-President of the City of London, President of the Lady Lane Shrine of Healers – Atos –  and Directorial Adviser of the East Anglian Daily Times) said he was delighted that MyGo was beginning its important work this week.

“I am committed to achieving full employment for young people in Ipswich; MyGo will be vital to making that happen,” he said

Mr Gummer will accompany Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, to meet managers, caseworkers and young people at the centre on November 20.