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a4e 2012-2013 accounts reveal worrying times for a4e

Is a4e continuing to do well with Welfare to Work contracts or is their time up? Their latest published accounts (snippets and downloads included) seem to suggest they had a really bad time, further allegations of their credit rating being cut since then doesn’t paint a rosy picture for Emma Harrison and A4e.

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January 25, 2014 at 1:13 pm

Emma Harrison CBE prepares for Jail

A4e’s founder and former chairperson Emma Harrison CBE along with top A4e execs prepares for a significant jail term after an internal audit report got leaked to the press. (anyone with a copy, send it to us we will publish it!)

Despite so many fraud investigations which exceed the number of fingers I have, A4e’s management decided to hide this report – which claims systematic fraud – from DWP. This is serious – A4e have deliberately withheld this information from Government bodies (DWP, NAO, police etc.) whilst Emma Harrison milked these illegal monies from the business through dividends, other businesses and salary known from here-on in as money laundering.

  • 1 in 25 claims described as fraudulent (or irregularities)
  • A further 1 in 8 claims (approx) were described as risky
  • systematic fraud found with numerous cases across the country
  • Only 70% of monies claimed by A4e, has entitlement to be claimed
  • A4e management was aware of, failed to eliminate, and refused to deal with the problem that they knew was common place and somewhat encouraged by management, whilst suing everyone who spoke out, undertaking internet censorship and undertaking numerous false statements repetitiously to get people to believe them as fact

Of course this report was in 2009…  A4e would claim things have changed since, however, unlike “past fraud” swept under the carpet… A4e have kept this audit findings secret for up to 3 years to keep its contracts. The length of secrecy of this document is significant.

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Another A4e employee arrested for fraud

Continuing on the Another A4e theme… we can reveal a fifth person, former A4e employee, has now been arrested for fraud.

This will come as a big blow (although not a surprise)  for A4e who has been awarded two new multi-million pound contracts – although they are yet to be signed and have not yet commenced. It looks as if these contracts may be at risk.

Recently A4e released some more propaganda full of false statements and lies.

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March 23, 2012 at 11:19 am

Sheffield computer firm Techdept helps A4e internet censorship

Amateur (semi-professional) computer service company Techdept based in Sheffield has been busted by journalist Ian Silvera.

Back in 2009, someone was helping A4e and Emma Harrison CBE, cover up sites like Wikipedia from revealing the truth. It has been revealed that it was Techdept working for client A4e Ltd. A journalist traced the IP address… meaning they must have edited the wikipedia pages without registering… “school boy error”

The IP address used to change wikipedia pages was traced back to Techdept in Sheffield, confirmed by “technical director” Richard Grundy. Should we give them a lecture about IP addresses? They could have used a proxy or spent 1 minute registering a fake identity account on there to post from. No can do, I personally see this as a bad advert for this computer company who had come undone to complete stupidity in the heat of the moment.

The good news is when they hit the wall and lose their jobs, there is always A4e…. HAHA!

We do not know how when this stopped and whether PR firm PHA Media has since stepped in to censor the internet.

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March 15, 2012 at 1:35 pm

Skills Funding Agency supervises A4e audit

The Skills Funding Agency is to work alongside White & Case LLP, appointed fraud auditors by A4e, over doubts of a cover-up paid “independent” review. What A4e means is an audit conducted externally, but its hardly independent when two major factors come into play:

1) A4e are paying (White & Case is providing a service to A4e); and
2) A4e has control of the documents in the first instance (they can hold back or delay document handover).

It is interesting (despite the positive twist in all the press) how the Skills Funding Agency doesn’t trust A4e (Skills Funding Agency  getting involved isn’t merely to “help” – fraud is a serious crime – its not giving a helping hand to painting a room or a rescue operation) and although the A4e contracts from Skills Funding Agency is very small compared with the DWP contracts, the  Skills Funding Agency is not prepared in any circumstances to let A4e just get on with it alongside a professional firm who happens not to pay corporation tax.

Elsewhere, the DWP seems content in letting A4e get on with it while they tag along with their half-hearted attempt at digging at the surface to look for serious fraud… not going to happen. Read the rest of this entry »

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March 13, 2012 at 1:33 pm