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Undercover at the Jobcentre

This is really interesting -just published. We know that here there have been people on CWP – not exactly ‘work experience’ but forced labour – at the Ipswich Jobcentre as well.


I asked the Jobcentre to let me have work experience there so I could dig up some dirt on the DWP. I did the work experience in another JCP in a different area from 9th March 2015 to 26th March 2015. All names are changed.

Alarm bells started to ring before I’d even started the placement. As I read the training material I overheard a man getting referred to the decision-maker for not applying for jobs. For the first job, there was no bus to get there on time. The other job he didn’t apply for required qualifications he didn’t have.

At about 10:15 on the first day of my work experience (Tuesday 10th March 2015) administrator Pammy said shows like Benefits Britain make her angry because those programmes depict JCP staff as “ogres” but it’s the benefits claimants who are lazy. “They were sanctioned for a…

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Written by Andrew Coates

June 2, 2015 at 2:50 pm

The DWP as Psychologists: “Haven’t you Committed Suicide yet?”

In 2012 this story came out,

Unemployed people suspected of suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction will have their benefits cut if they refuse treatment for their condition, the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, will signal on Wednesday.


Anybody who’s done a new Jobseeker’s Agreement will now that there’s question on this subject – and one on if you have a criminal background.

Then we  learnt about the DWP dabbling in psychology:

Jobseekers made to carry out bogus psychometric tests (2013)

This year we heard – very recently – of them prescribing Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Most people would think the last people on earth  to act as competent psychologists would be the DWP, Atos with the parasites and chancers running the Work Programme, Mandatory Work schemes and all the rest of the Workfare industry. Or that Atos’s successor, Maximus, “A company with a “chilling” record of incompetence, discrimination and alleged fraud” will do any better.

Well here’s the kind of larks this lot have got up not long ago.

Tobanem points the story out:

An ESA claimant has explained how an Atos work capability assessor asked her why she had not yet killed herself, after she admitted suffering with depression.

Abi Fallows described the interview on the I bet I can find a million people who DON’T want David Cameron as our PMFacebook group after reading Vox Political‘s article on the hidden cost of the Coalition Government’s benefits policy.

“At my last Atos ‘assessment’, when mentioning depression, the ‘assessor’ asked me why I hadn’t killed myself yet,” she told astonished members of the Facebook group.

She said the assessors’ attitude seemed to be that she couldn’t be depressed if she had not already killed herself: “I’ve noticed a few people, over the last year or so, going to Atos with depression are being asked that same question.

“I tried signing on for Jobseekers [Allowance], but thanks to the wonderful ‘Y’, who I saw, she said I was no way fit to work under any circumstances because I’d always be set up to fail.

“I had a doctor’s appointment this morning (December 4) and I told my doc. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard a doctor swear like that. The doctor swearing in response – a rather softly spoken voice – said, and I quote: ‘Holy shiiiiiiiit!’”

But it seems the scandalised claimant is set to have the last word because – unknown to her assessor – she recorded the entire incident.

Vox Political December the 6th.

Follow the story on the highly recommended Vox Political Blog – and weep.




Skwawkbox makes the same connections as us

The SKWAWKBOX has published extensively on the sinister and abusive use of techniques devised by the same ‘torture guru’ who created the now-infamous CIA ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques on UK benefit-claimants. Search ‘psychometric’ on this blog to find those articles.

The excellent ‘Vox Political’ blog picked up on the latest of these articles this week – and links this phenomenon to apparent DWP attempts to use similar ‘nudge’ techniques to encourage disabled claimants to commit suicide.


Unemployment to Disappear in Ipswich!

MyGo will offer 16 to 24 year olds in Ipswich and the surrounding areas free training, career and employment support.

Led by businesses, local councils, New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and Jobcentre Plus, the programme aims to halve youth unemployment in the greater Ipswich area over the next two years.

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer (Mayor of Ipswich, Minister for Ipswich, Vice-President of the City of London, President of the Lady Lane Shrine of Healers – Atos –  and Directorial Adviser of the East Anglian Daily Times) said he was delighted that MyGo was beginning its important work this week.

“I am committed to achieving full employment for young people in Ipswich; MyGo will be vital to making that happen,” he said

Mr Gummer will accompany Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, to meet managers, caseworkers and young people at the centre on November 20.

Benefit Sanctions, 4,500 Hit in Manchester.

The Manchester Evening News reported this week.

Hard-up jobless people in Greater Manchester have been hammered hardest by benefit sanctions in the UK, according to a new report.

Around 4,500 people – 8 per cent of the region’s Jobseekers’ Allowance claimants – have had their payments frozen or stopped completely as part of the government crackdown.

That compared with just 6 per cent of jobseekers in other areas since October 2012.

As part of the tough new regime, claimants face having their payments stopped if job centre staff class them as ‘unavailable for work’.

But critics say the broad brush approach has unfairly penalised many people with legitimate training or childcare commitments.

However, the analysis by think tank New Economy shows that most of those affected were sanctioned because they failed to turn up to appointments intended to help them find work.

The second highest reason for a sanction was because claimants were unable to show they were looking for job.

I looked at the last item and thought…..

In Ipswich the Jobcentre has a few computers, about 4, looking lonely,  when I last looked for jobsearch.

Ipswich Central Library computer system is in chaos.

Most of the computers are out of order (3 days now).

There is fierce competition to use the few terminals (using a new system)  that work – 8 of them downstairs.

This is for thousands of people who have to 35 hours jobsearch a week (and some now who have to do 40 Hours!)

So a lot of people in Ipswich are going to find it hard to show how they are looking for a job.

Mandatory Attendance Centres: Prisons for the Unemployed.

Thousands of unemployed benefit claimants will be forced to turn up at job centres for 35 hours a week to prove they are looking for work.

Iain Duncan Smith wants to make sure people claiming jobless benefits are not ‘cheating the system; by secretly working cash-in-hand.

The Work and Pensions Secretary warned that people who fail to turn up to special classrooms in job centres without good reason will lose their benefits. Daily Mail. 

Ian Duncan Smith, who’s never done an honest day’s work in his life says,

“Prior to the Work Programme we are going to pilot a Mandatory Attendance Centre where selected individuals will receive expert support and supervision while they search and apply for jobs – that is 9 o’clock  to 5 o’clock – 35 hours a week – for up to six months, simulating the working day.

“These pilots will be targeted at claimants who will benefit from the intensive support – one pilot before the Work  Programme and one for after the Work Programme.

“Alongside the Mandatory Work Programme and our tough sanctions regime, this marks the end of the something for nothing culture.”

Except that is for those getting the work of gang mastering the unemployed, and the companies and charities running the ‘something for nothing’ free labour they will be able to use the “Help to Work” scheme.

Written by Andrew Coates

October 2, 2013 at 10:14 am