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Undercover at the Jobcentre

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This is really interesting -just published. We know that here there have been people on CWP – not exactly ‘work experience’ but forced labour – at the Ipswich Jobcentre as well.


I asked the Jobcentre to let me have work experience there so I could dig up some dirt on the DWP. I did the work experience in another JCP in a different area from 9th March 2015 to 26th March 2015. All names are changed.

Alarm bells started to ring before I’d even started the placement. As I read the training material I overheard a man getting referred to the decision-maker for not applying for jobs. For the first job, there was no bus to get there on time. The other job he didn’t apply for required qualifications he didn’t have.

At about 10:15 on the first day of my work experience (Tuesday 10th March 2015) administrator Pammy said shows like Benefits Britain make her angry because those programmes depict JCP staff as “ogres” but it’s the benefits claimants who are lazy. “They were sanctioned for a…

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Written by Andrew Coates

June 2, 2015 at 2:50 pm

33 Responses

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  1. “Bob then suggested “They should just be wiped out, we shouldn’t have to deal with them”.”

    And people think I’m just being paranoid when I say a good portion of the English population are genocidal…


    June 2, 2015 at 5:38 pm

    • British people have always looked down on each other, its called the class system so is hardly original im afraid to say.

      As for this security guard Bob, he didn’t have to work at JCP, so had this spy gaining work experience had asked, are you or why don’t you find work where the people don’t anger you, im sure the reply would have been telling.

      This guard even this Pammy could have got a job anywhere else if they weren’t happy with the cliental yet there they are spurting poison. They would probably naively say, I love this job, the sector and helping people to work but honestly you cant be if you cant say more positive things than you do negative. Also they would probably say most claimants are not like that which if the case completely disproves DWP ministers claims of lazy fraudulent claimants as who would be closer to know what’s what, a minister hundreds of miles away or a servant who faces these claimants day in, day out. This spy had they had worked it better could have put this advisor and DWP in an impossible position where they look bad either way.

      The assumptions they make, the actions they carry out is by definition bullying and slander and lets not forget, there not being paid to make assumptions so hence the under the breath comments they know only to well will land them in trouble. They can make these assumptions about claimants but there cowardice, lack moral conviction (be honest and open about wrongs and rights,say what you mean without hiding) are far worse traits and very unbecoming for an employee that’s also taking the tax payers money regardless of working as that doesn’t change the fact of the source.

      While I commend this individual to go and spy via work experience, there experiences of claimant treatment will amount to nothing as like for instance, can they prove this claimant didn’t have the qualifications and if they did, why wasn’t it presented in this article.

      With regards to the funeral claimant, its neither here nor there when a claimant reports a failure to attend as the rule stipulates, notify a change of circumstances as soon as possible which doesn’t mean 9am or necessarily prior to such a change. Dependant on what the claimant said will determine the decision to sanction or should I say the decision to reverse the sanction at a tribunal. If DWP can prove this claimant could have notified them prior by there own admission then they wont have a leg to stand on.

      I don’t doubt there experience as I’ve as i know others have, have witnessed such things but unless you do the research it is im afraid no less an assumption than what the advisor and guard gave.


      June 3, 2015 at 5:46 am

      • Re the funeral claimant: they should have phoned the jobcentre straight away, not waited until the next day – big mistake! Can see the “mandatory consideration” already: “The jobcentre centre contact centre in Outer Mongolia was open for business as usual. I can see no reason why you did not contact the jobcentre straight away. I have decided to not reverse the sanction decision”. This is the way these fuckers work. The claimant should also have gathered as much evidence as possible to the fact that the job centre was indeed closed: “I have spoken by telephone to an advisor at the job centre in question. They have informed me that the job centre was in fact open. I can see no reason why a job centre advisor would make inaccurate statements. I find the evidence of the job centre adviser more reliable. I have decided not to reverse the sanction decision”. Again, this is the way these bastards work!


        June 3, 2015 at 6:32 am

      • When dealing with the job centre and their agents always, record, evidence and cover your butt at all times!

        fuck da job centa

        June 3, 2015 at 6:47 am

      • Razor, how do we know that this claimant didn’t set out for the funeral before the jobcentre opened in the morning ?

        The article makes no reference to this meaning it would have been closed if the case. What if this claimant didn’t have a phone and lived in a suburb and had no money and was being picked up only prior to getting to the funeral on time and where was this funeral ?

        Maybe it was miles and miles away leaving no time to report it that very day. Maybe this claimant wasn’t going to go dew to no transport or funds for but at the last minute got offered a lift. If that was the case the claimant couldn’t have reported it prior as originally they never intended to go.

        As I said the article lacks evidence either way so as much as it pains me to say this, renders it useless.


        June 3, 2015 at 7:40 am

  2. Gov, IDS, Mcvey and all others never mind Bob, who want all the unemployed wiped out, we have known this since the creation of the welfare reform, we know this from the sanction regime.

    Does anyone really need to go under cover in any Jobcentres in 2015 or at any other time in the future since everyone who has to go into a JC knows what it’s like, knows how they are treated, and know for any reason claimants are sanctioned, of course every unemployed person weather they are on JSA or ESA is considered lazy by Gov, IDS, Mcvey and all the rest.

    Which is why the words from “Malingering and illness deception’ were used in the welfare reform.



    June 2, 2015 at 9:08 pm

  3. Secret report urges treaty forcing US web firms’ cooperation in data sharing.

    UK privacy campaigners say international treaty could provide legal alternative to government’s ‘snooper’s charter’ proposals.

    A top secret report to the British prime minister has recommended that a new international treaty be negotiated to force the cooperation of the big US internet companies in sharing customers’ personal data

    Privacy campaigners said the decision to classify the report, written by the former diplomat Sir Nigel Sheinwald, as top secret was designed to bury it and its key recommendation for an international treaty could provide a legal, front-door alternative to the government’s renewed “snooper’s charter” surveillance proposals.



    June 2, 2015 at 9:29 pm

    • The English snoopers charter only works on English shores so despite getting IP data, aren’t legally entitled to get data from say a server in France. So you can know which computer spoke to another computer, without content like say an email, it means precisely nothing.

      Also remember the Americans snooper charter has just become EXPIRED meaning they cant data mine everybody, a major blow to the globes governments who often depend on them and America gaining favour from it.

      So theres no illusions the UK government would hack this French server for such an email and report it to the French who naturally will apply for extradition on terrorist or criminal charges. Naturally if it was you and you was innocent, you would never hear a thing about it which is im sorry wrong. I know countries need to spy, I get that but the least they can do is let any suspects they have been invaded but proved innocent know that they did and why, allow them the right to have such data recorded destroyed like any records are in a police station when innocent.

      Im not against people looking into my phone calls or even emails but if you suspect me of a crime then have the common decency to approach me and arrest me on suspicion FIRST.
      If you get it wrong be you police or GCHQ then own up to it, apologise for getting it wrong along with improving the system of how you come about suspicion in the first place.
      Its obvious that these departments want the rewards without having to work for it and that is simply unacceptable.

      Basically with this international treaty they are going to legalise the right for country to spy on country indiscriminately while still retaining the right to share said data with the country they are spying on.

      This circumnavigates any rights the public have and is a prime example of WHY the UK public shouldn’t allow the Tories to change the HRA. The USA has a bill of rights but this did squat diddly to the NSA invading the publics life indiscriminately. Don’t make the mistake the American people did as if snowden didn’t force there hand, it would still be continuing.


      June 3, 2015 at 6:28 am

      • I don’t know if you have noticed but like the recent heist in the UK a lot of charges these days have the title conspiracy and what that actually translates into is the police don’t actually have evidence to directly connect them to an offence.

        This allows them to play the probability game which in court is stated as is there a motive that can be attached and could they possibly have carried it out, did they have the opportunity to.

        This crap practice allows people to be convicted of a crime without any valid evidence to tie them to it and is simply itself criminal.


        June 3, 2015 at 7:49 am

      • “Conspiracy to” means that the rozzers have jack-shit evidence. And “conspiracy to” can mean nothing more than two or more people talking about, discussing something – allegedly! It is a completely bullshit charge, a means of obtaining a conviction with absolutely jack-shit evidence!


        June 3, 2015 at 8:41 am

      • A person conspires prior to an act, not after it so without direct evidence to link to is pure supposition plain and simple.

        Like so many words and meanings these days its yet another shinning example of twisting things to suit a singular self serving purpose.


        June 3, 2015 at 9:52 am

      • Just how many people are in prison because of “Conspiracy”,


        June 3, 2015 at 12:30 pm

  4. Police state jobcentreplus your house gets burgled if your are lucky an officer comes to your house the following day.
    Jobcentreplus you back answer a jobcentre advisor you are accused of threatening behaviour police average responce time 15 min.
    Customer service rating jobcentre advisor i would rate zero they are ignorant civil servants in 2 years they could not direct me to an agency that has a real job.
    However a foreighner who speaks broken english who does not work for jobcentreplus managed to introduce me to an agency for full time work.
    A jobcentre advisor is overpaid and worse than useless that includes a4e, and cdg maximus.

    Tony Montana

    June 3, 2015 at 2:43 am

    • Back answering a job centre work coach is a “blues and two”, emergency response incident round these parts – response time 15 seconds.

      Police Interceptors on High Octane

      June 3, 2015 at 6:14 am

    • Well observed and very true.


      June 3, 2015 at 7:54 am

  5. Nicky Morgan education secretary refuses to answer the question on how many academies are failing despite insisting under performing public schools will be converted to academies on the BBC breakfast show.

    She kept avoiding this question despite it being repeated numerous times by Charlie Stayt.

    More Tory ducking yet again, begging the question, would you still vote for a government who consistently refuses to answer the questions the public put to them on one policy after the other.

    You promised transparency David Cameron, well god damn deliver it instead of defying the public you serve, the judges that rule over you in matters of law and organisations that know more than you do who don’t cherry pick data like you do.

    The public democratically voted them in, so can democratically demand they serve all people first instead of the interests of some.


    June 3, 2015 at 6:43 am

    • Nicky Morgan always reminds me of something… don’t know what 😀

      Polly the Parrot

      June 3, 2015 at 6:50 am

      • Alan Partridge’s PA Lynn ?


        June 3, 2015 at 11:12 am

      • Yeah, she does look like Lyn. She has got an owly/hawkish waiting-to-swoop look about her. And why the fuck does she call herself “Nicky”, is this to make her sound more “working-class” lol She sounds as posh as fuck – bet she went to fucking Oxbridge.

        Joey and Jacqui the Budgies

        June 3, 2015 at 3:13 pm

      • “She grew up in Surbiton and attended the private, fee-paying Surbiton High School before studying Jurisprudence at St Hugh’s College, Oxford.” – we were right 😀 What a surprise 😀 Tweet! Tweet!

        Joey and Jacqui the Budgies

        June 3, 2015 at 3:15 pm

      • St Hugh’s College, Oxford – nice place for a roost 😀

        The Pigeon Family

        June 3, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    • All failing schools to be academies under new bill



      June 3, 2015 at 12:40 pm

  6. Another 13 year old takes her own life as police declare death of missing girl not suspicious.

    Was it her home life or Michael Goves tory education reform that lead to her desperate act?

    I say as on mass our youth are reporting feeling stressed and depressed with there educational life that strangely coincides with the Tories education reforms, an occurrence echoed by suicides since the welfare reform . The Tories claim it doesn’t substantiate its there reforms but lack any credible answer as to why it coincides like a glove.

    Silly groups insist its the pressure of the internet that causes suicides and eating disorders yet fail to explain why magazines, TV, cinema, books are not viewed the same not to mention all these woman walking around with extra surgery fat in there backsides, false breasts and so forth, They don’t mention say fifty shades of grey, retailers selling revealing and short clothing, how people are bullied and ostracized according to there status, etc.

    The things that make me really laugh is when adults tell children to grow up which effectively I feel fans the flames that leads to them growing up before there time and comparing themselves to adults like Rihanna who spends most of her time naked and taking drugs.

    If you believe its the internet then recognise these kids know more about computers than most of all the adults on this planet and only by preventing them using the internet fall stop will we break this link rather than expect adults to give up certain liberties.


    June 3, 2015 at 7:27 am

    • I had just been reading about this girl, they are getting younger, you know what I mean, of course the young are expected to act as adults as soon as possible in this society, it’s no wonder the young are stressed & suffering from depression.


      June 3, 2015 at 12:01 pm

      • Its a very sad affair, there life should be light and full of joy. The manner in which she killed herself is shocking as she went out of her way to insure no one would find her till it was to late.


        June 3, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    • A 15 year old boy near by tried to commit suicide 3 days after the election result, he was saved before he took his life. Sadly, there’s been plenty of suicides in the last month, more than I’ve ever seen before in such a short space of time.


      June 3, 2015 at 7:05 pm

  7. Jail warning to HOUSING BENEFIT officer who stole £55k fraudulently from the council and taxpayers to overpay housing benefit claimants.


    Well well well, only not so long ago a unemployed benefits officer incharge of payments was charged and convicted of stealing benefit claimants money so it seems pretty clear to me instead of looking at claimants, the government might want to look at there own staff first ?

    Whos the dishonest thief now IDS ?


    June 3, 2015 at 10:00 am

    • Seven of them, while it’s good news to find out,, how many more criminals in these positions are there.


      June 3, 2015 at 11:18 am

  8. A mother has told how social workers turned up while she was giving birth in hospital to say they would be taking her baby into care.

    Without consulting her, social services chiefs had decided Kelly McWilliams was unfit to look after her baby because she had suffered from depression five years earlier after her ten-year-old son was found hanged.

    The officials arrived without warning to say the baby would go straight into foster care as they were concerned about Mrs McWilliams’s mental health.

    When she asked why Victoria had to be fostered, she said they replied: ‘Because you are not well.’



    June 3, 2015 at 11:48 am

    • According to Mrs McWilliams’s lawyer, Doncaster social services had gone too far when Victoria was born in August 2011, having failed to carry out a pre-birth assessment or case conference to discuss any possible intervention.

      Solicitor Sarah Young said that if proper procedures had been followed, social services may not have needed to take action.

      Miss Young added: ‘I think it’s a shocking example of a massive over-reaction by social services in Doncaster.’

      Her case follows a series of major failings by care bosses. In November, an Ofsted inspection found that children’s care in Doncaster was still ‘inadequate’.

      The service had already been criticised over the deaths of seven children and failures that led to the torture of two boys by two brothers who were in foster care.


      June 3, 2015 at 1:03 pm

  9. I overheard a man getting referred to the decision-maker for not applying for jobs. For the first job, there was no bus to get there on time. The other job he didn’t apply for required qualifications he didn’t have.

    If he’d gone for those jobs he would have been refereed for going for these because he wasn’t qualified.

    Stitched up as the saying goes,they rely on peoples lack of knowledge of their rights. Really its always been the same in there only now its just applied regardless.


    June 3, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    • Unless the qualifications are required as a matter law, there irrelevant.

      He can still apply for the vacancy and anyway, these jobs were given to him apparently by the advisor so will be on the database the day the advisor handed them out.


      June 3, 2015 at 6:02 pm

  10. Would those on mwa at jcp be allowed to sanction others


    June 5, 2015 at 8:36 am

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