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Suffolk DPAC at Westminster Protest. No to ESA sanctions! No to all benefit sanctions!

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Hi everyone,
You may all be aware that on Saturday 28th June a coalition of Occupy London, Disabled people Against cuts (DPAC) & UK Uncut Occupied the grounds of Westminster Abby to try save the ‘Independent living Fund’.

Suffolk DPAC along with Norfolk DPAC went to London to give our support in this action this is the link to the video of what happened on the day..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nQnjwLQrsc
The Abby security were not prepared for what happened and we managed to get all equipment needed for our occupation camp into the grounds many of us chained ourselves to the gates after we locked the gates with D-locks/chains.
Eventually we were massively outnumbered by police, there were 200+ police there to kettle & intimidate us into giving up but we stood our ground, john McDonnell MP was there throughout giving us his support.

We are holding an Independent Living Fund ‘Tea Party’ this Friday 4th July outside Caxton House (headquarters of the DWP) London from 2pm. If anyone wants to come and join us your more than welcome..


Suffolk DPAC.

Who are Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)  and what do they want?

Disabled people and our allies are taking action over the closure of the Independent Living Fund because this Tory government wants to take away our lives – they want us to go back to the days of being hidden away, trapped in our homes or institutionalised. While the politicians fight with UKIP over who can point the finger at migrants most threateningly we know that the Victorian values with which they justify their brutality come not from overseas but from elitist public schools like Eton (attended by Cameron and co.) and Dulwich College (attended by fake ‘man-of-the-people’ Farage).

We refuse to be fooled by their lies. We are here to point the finger firmly back at them, to make sure that everybody knows what this government is doing to us. There can be no more pretence that ‘we are all in it together’ from a government that is trampling on the rights of disabled people to participate in society as equals.

Disabled people are being targeted by the cuts as part of a wider ideological agenda that seeks to dismantle the welfare state and attack workers in the interests of profit for the 1%. Disabled people are taking action with our allies as part of a united resistance that stands up against the scapegoating of benefit claimants and migrants and against attacks on workers, the unemployed, single mothers, students and pensioners.

When we come together we have the power to make change happen. Fight to win!

This is the Friday event,

Tea party against ESA sanctions and all benefit cuts – Friday 4th July, 3pm, Peckham Jobcentre.

LET THEM EAT CAKE? No to ESA sanctions! No to all benefit sanctions!
Friday 4th July, 3-5pm.
You are invited to a tea party outside Peckham job centre to protest at the sharp rise in sanctions against people with disabilities in support of DPAC Party for Independent Living Day of Action. 

Bring balloons, party poppers, cake…

There will be party games, music and an open mic. Let’s celebrate Independent Living Day and the resistance to the savage cuts so far – and build much-needed further resistance together.

Join us in keeping up the pressure on Peckham jobcentre, and demanding an end to their regime of sanctions – double the London average.

No sanctions!
No workfare!
Decent jobs for all!



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