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Salvation Army Now Running Employment Plus Services.

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Quacking Plums has this important post.
“The Salvation Army is working together with Employment Plus and professional training course QTT who run the courses at the Employment Resource Centre at the Salvation Army.” 
 “Captain Liz Hancock, commanding officer at Cradley Heath Salvation Army, said: “Right at the heart of the Salvation Army’s mission is a burning desire to reach out to people within the community by offering practical, emotional and spiritual support wherever possible.”
A ceremony was held at the Meredith Street church for the latest intake of adults who have passed the BTEC Level 2 warehousing and storage principals course.  (From Halesowen News)
The Salvation Army is working together with Employment Plus and professional training course QTT who run the courses at the Employment Resource Centre at the Salvation Army.
QP comments:
Firstly, Employment Plus is the Salvation Army. At first I assumed they were as separate as this quote implies, staffed by people independent of the SA (ie not necessarily god botherers with military ranks attached). But that’s not the case.
Their staff are members of the SA, uniforms and all and they operate within SA premises (ie churches, as I discovered). The article even refers to the person in charge of that SA outfit as its commanding officer!
The Salvation Army may have some merits. But one of this is not being either religiously or culturally neutral. It has an unappealing history with the right-wing Festival of Light (1971)  which campaigned against the ‘Permissive Society’. Its more recent positions on gay rights (in the line one can guess) are also criticised – here.
The idea that job-seekers should be obliged to attend courses under their particular brand of Evangelical Christianity, and that the state subsidies this, is an utter utter scandal.

Written by Andrew Coates

August 30, 2012 at 10:18 am

43 Responses

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  1. As far as the JC is concerned I am registered with Jobfit (aka Rehab Jobfit, though I am not on nor have been involved in any form of rehab). It is they that outsource to the Salvation Army Employment Plus.

    Ghost Whistler

    August 30, 2012 at 10:27 am

  2. In other words it is part of the compulsory stuff for the unemployed. But there are surely grounds for conscientious objectors to refuse attending a religious group.

    Andrew Coates

    August 30, 2012 at 11:01 am

    • This is appalling. But I don’t think there is now any right left to object to doing it.
      For years I was told to go to a thing called Job Club, first a thing where they teach you
      how to write your own name and how to put on your shoes. Initially I said I wasn’t going, they assume everybody on the dole has the IQ of a rather intellectually challenged toothbrush. Which more describes that of the people who run the Job Club. A place where they actually tell you to pretend you are NOT intelligent and have NO skills. That, and the fact I could do all their jobs in my sleep. Where the disability advisers have no experience of people with disabilities. In an area which has no jobs. If they were more honest they should write on the board at the first lesson, ‘this is a waste of time because there are no jobs here’, and send everyone home where they could do any number of more productive activities. I was kept out of it for a while as I was ‘New Deal Excluded’, but then they changed Job Club to something of a similar name, and it moved from the Jobcentre to Scout Enterprises. It was presumably an equally pointless scheme and for one thing, it generated no actual employed people (happy or otherwise) at the end of it. I’d gone several rounds with Working Stinks, and for a number of years avoided being sent to the Job Club because it was run by Scout Enterprises. Though everyone denied it, I managed to prove it is run by the Scouts. I said I had conscientious/practical objections to this organisation as it is a Christian organisation that openly discriminates against gay people (while receiving taxpayers’ money to do so on this scheme), that believes in God/Queen/Country. Also members of the Scouts
      cannot be gay, atheist, republican (small r), or nonpatriotic. The same goes for staff, volunteers, kids, etc. I said if I wanted a job there I was not allowed, but they wanted to take me on a compulsory work scheme that sometimes pushes you to apply to join, which I wouldn’t do but am not allowed to do. At first I was allowed to go round every other ‘provider’ on the scheme at that time. But then only Scout was left, they waived my right to be a conscientious objector and I got sent there, under threat of losing my benefit.

      At Scout: Each of the schemes I have been on has sucked in its own particular way, the staff did not ‘get’ my objections to their organisation as a whole, and continued denying they were the Scouts after I showed them a screen capture of their own website proving it.
      The UK Scouts have recently changed official hiring policy but in practice probably don’t hire gays, or bully those they hire. The American Scouts are one of the many branches of the GLOBAL organisation which overall has a discrimination policy built in, which does not hire gay people. Another objection is to the oaths taken to God, the Queen, and the Country.
      Well, on my first week at Scout (Snout???), I was sent to compulsory ‘group therapy’. This was bad enough but it was not all strangers. Somehow they had managed to include a dangerous guy who has stalked me for years, several substance users who have often verbally abused and threatened me in the street, and worst of all a former housemate with a grudge (he hates that I answered truthfully when I was interrogated about the whereabouts of his ex who had done a serious crime). (Also a substance user, and ex-‘friend’;) First of all they made sure everyone found out my name and address, and then demanded we discuss our medical history in group therapy. I refused and had my benefits delayed for noncompliance. At the first opportunity I asked to leave the group therapy but when this was allowed I was sent downstairs to have a flaky woman rewrite my CV so it made me look illiterate and retarded. I was there a year or so and each rewrite they did was worse than the previous one. Often they flatly LIED, on my CV! They put lies also on job applications meant to be from me. I could be all day stuck there but the only toilets were ablebodied and those were down some stairs. The closest we came to ‘training’ was being ordered to falsify our job applications and lie in interviews, also to pretend to be ablebodied. All I can think is they wanted to reach targets about getting people jobs at any cost (even fraudulently), but if this was the case the CVs they rewrote for us were so lousy they would not pass muster as toilet paper. So I don’t see how any of it could help anyone get jobs. After Scout I ended up at A4E and Working Links who then played pingpong with us for a while. At the start of when I was at Scout I got sent to Remploy. How is this for irony? The Remploy man said I was too disabled for ANY of their schemes so refused to take me on any (I then got blamed by A4E and Working Links and Jobcentre Plus, but they had sent me). The Jobcentre carried on saying I didn’t qualify for DLA, IB, or ESA, was ‘fit for work’, and had to be on JSA.
      They make you say you are ‘fit for work’ when you are not, but there is no other option, if you said you were not fit for work you’d lose your JSA and HB, but because you don’t qualify for ESA you would get nothing. (Though in the last few weeks I did the ESA WCA test online and answered it very conservatively, and scored several times the requirement of points to be in the Support group ie no signing on and ESA with no frequent checkups.) The whole thing is mad, I was told I might get ESA but can’t apply in advance, though when I need it I will be too ill to leave bed/house and totally unable to apply for it. In the middle of another work scheme, my aunt died, the Jobcentre and work programme didn’t let me visit her while she was dying and then banned me from going to the funeral. (Which they wouldn’t have paid travel expenses for if it had been a parent).
      I was grieving but was not allowed to stop signing on or going to the scheme. I was still meant to do work related activity and Job Seeking Activity. So once or twice I was late signing (because of being up stressed and unable to sleep then buses didn’t come), I wasn’t thinking as clearly as normal because of bereavement. So the compassionate conservatives decided the best thing to do was to stop my benefit. I got it stopped a year or so earlier for answering back to ‘a real female dog’ to put it nicely, at A4E. She had been bragging how great her job is and how SHE is the one contributing to society. Knowing she does bleep-all for helping society, normally I can bite my tongue but she kept calling me worthless and assuming I did nothing and have no skills or intelligence.
      From another angle it looks like they have quotas of people to get kicked off benefits (since there are no jobs), so they do every trick to provoke you until something works.
      The Jobcentre forced me to apply for a job as a military recruiter even though I’m a) a pacifist b) Not allowed in the military even if I wanted to apply, c) An anarchist, d) Opposed to many aspects of the military (homophobia, machoism, jingoism, bullying)
      e) Disabled (it is an ablist employer) f) Unable to take oath to God/Queen/Country.
      The people I was meant to recruit included children, and young people some of whom attack me in the street, you are meant to have a commanding presence. And in an area of no jobs young people end up pushed into the military. Not considering what happens to all those discharged some badly wounded or homeless. Or the people shot or bombed in the other countries. Though I was made to apply they said I ‘refused to apply’ (I applied in person), and they stopped my benefits. Much of the rest of the time they try to get me to work in meat factories as a packer, carcass porter, etc. They say there is no right to be a conscientious objector as a pacifist or vegetarian. Or to object to alcohol or gambling. The bookies didn’t want me though as I can not do numbers properly, I have dyscalculia, made worse by having been kicked repeatedly in the head for being disabled.
      The off licences didn’t want me as I’m too small to see over the counter, reach shelves,
      or fight off a robber. We no longer have any all-vegetarian catering outlet and even when we did, they didn’t want me because my health is a risk to the public. Most jobs need you to drive, which is why Working Stinks told me to lie to get a fake/illegal driving licence,
      I refused and was sanctioned. (At the time DVLA were adamant that I am banned for life from driving. My fits are worse each year.) The buses just got cut again so getting around is a big problem. I have the pass for free buses but it is useless when they cut the buses. I can’t afford a taxi. Some commutes would need train travel and my pass doesn’t cover it, but I couldn’t afford it on minimum wage. What is the point if you spend all your earnings just getting to the McJob? To break even I’d have to do 50 hours without a break at above minimum wage. But in reality my health doesn’t let me do 30 or whatever hours a week of paid work, and on bad days -unpredictable and 4-6 days a week- I can’t do any. So either way I’d be losing money (and wrecking my health more).
      Do we work till we collapse or what? Their calculation doesn’t use any real living costs or expenses and uses the default assumption you are a robot able to go on indefinitely and consistently. You’re stuck where you end up having to lie to someone, generally to JCP saying ‘I am fit to work’. Other times I’ve had my dole stopped for refusing to lie to employers about my health. Put one of them through this grinder and see how they like it….

      something survived...

      September 1, 2012 at 6:50 am

      • Moan moan that’s all people do on this site what we go do is all make ! Stand like they did in London we got to all protest peacefully in job centers we all got to refuse these useless courses it No point moaning to each other on ere we got take action No action it stays the same just moaning to each other mr coates i say you should lead as you run dis group moaners await your REPLY

        paul wells

        September 1, 2012 at 8:41 am

      • “With heavy drinking increasingly attacked by the Government and media, Tug Wilson suggests we look to history for guidance, and that it is once again time for drunkards everywhere to march under the banner of the Skeleton Army.
        Skeleton Army
        The Skeleton Army fights the Salvation Army in the streets, 1884

        During the late 19th Century the recently formed Salvation Army were taking their message of virtuous clean living to the streets of Britain, deliberately targeting drunks, gamblers, prostitutes and other ‘undesirables’. The Salvation Army’s unconventional approach was abrasive to both the Christian establishment and many of those they were preaching to. In choosing to attack popular working class pastimes, they whipped up a violent grassroots reaction and their provocative style of disseminating their message often resulted in public disturbances. Towards the end of 1881 in Weston-Super-Mare a rag tag bunch of libertines, drunkards, publicans and brothel-keepers began an organised opposition to the Salvation Army; the Skeleton Army. Very soon Skeleton Armies started appearing….”


        Andrew Coates

        September 3, 2012 at 9:58 am

  3. They wont be able to resist the bible bashing and judging people. I know some ex friends in uniform which gave me the view as an attender once, that the uniform gave an air of authority to some very nasty people in my opinion. The bitching within the kingdom hall I experienced had to be heard to be believed, nowt christian about it, just mean. I was an adherant and left when realised how mean some of the woman could be.

    Imagine those two faced bitchers wanting to profit out of your situation just because they wear a uniform. Bit like asking the jehovahs witnesses to run a blood bank, they will squeeze god in their some how even if you dont want it, you bet.


    August 30, 2012 at 11:13 am

  4. Any body that can profit from unemployed are even gods workers ie salvation army I say refuse on your non believes after all seiks and Muslims and a like have rules so do we the unemployed we need all to make a stand. aginst these profit and fck u Jack attitude people that want exploit us the unemployed


    August 30, 2012 at 11:16 am

  5. I say fck off to sally army gods piss taking goofs I won’t go due to being a non church goer


    August 30, 2012 at 11:20 am

  6. sniff, sniff… can you smell bullshit? …

    Not sure why anyone can believe the crap these people speak…

    “Right at the heart of the Salvation Army’s mission is a burning desire to reach out to people within the community by offering practical, emotional and spiritual support wherever possible.”

    heart yes… mission ok… I turned off after burning… yawn!

    To cap it off there is always a disclaimer at the end, in this case “wherever possible”, to be translated as “not at all”. Or perhaps I read it wrong… a “burning desire” as in a decreasing desire? Such as a flame burning out! I read it initially to mean in a very strong passionate way, whilst towards the end it seemed more like “…if we can be bothered!”

    Paul, who is this “sally army” you talk of? Is it the same Sally Smith Assistant Manager we talk of in the past? Perhaps some form of affiliation?

    Work Programme

    August 30, 2012 at 11:53 am

    • Salvation army i speak of when say sally army ok people


      August 30, 2012 at 11:59 am

      • I say up yours u god faring salvation army I’m a non beliver and for a million pound a week u would not get me in church let alone for dole money so I say fck right off u cnts u just. Like the rest that exploit the unemployed two faced and easely brought should be ashamed to even say u are helping us Hope U cnts Rot in helll


        August 30, 2012 at 12:10 pm

  7. If I was ‘assigned’ to the sally army for the WP I would tell them I’m an atheist and say that one cannot participate on religious grounds.

    Or even off the premises!

    Mr No

    August 30, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    • Mr No, Some of us in Ipswich tried that with the YMCA.

      I also pointed out that not only was I not a Christian but I was not young either.

      But even they didn’t wear uniforms!

      Andrew Coates

      August 30, 2012 at 2:38 pm

  8. Christain values is it ? Yeah right, Jay was really into the idea of the poor, and the sick and the disabled being forced to work for billion £ corporations for f**k all. These delusional bastards must think that claimants have been conscripted into their ranks by the will of their God.


    August 30, 2012 at 12:29 pm

  9. Whatever next? lol. They’re just dreaming because they wanted to drag us back to the dark ages but weren’t allowed to. So they’e pretending while they still control the media. But times are a changing outside the G5 and the curtain will have to be opened at some point to let in the view. In other words, things aren’t as bad as they want us to believe. They’re doing all of this to make it look bad. But it’s they who are collapsing not us. The destruction of the old economy and establishment is a GOOD thing! Hang on in there. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.


    August 30, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    • The Salvation Army are a lot odder than some people realise.

      In my North London Street when I was growing up there was a family of them.

      The daughter was not allowed to play with other children, and (we only know this because she was at the same Primary School) they had no television at home (for religious reasons).

      Andrew Coates

      August 30, 2012 at 2:41 pm

  10. Not only will the salvation army feed the needie they also going to now become job advisors god advisors and anything else long as u are paying what happened to theos.of charity have u forgot that salvation army


    August 30, 2012 at 3:36 pm

  11. Remploy are as bad as the Salvation Army, they’ve let Pertempts embed themselves within their organisation, so they can peddle the Work Program; and, I suppose they both make a pretty penny from this egregious relationship. Shame on you Remploy!

    A. Ellis

    August 30, 2012 at 6:56 pm

  12. Their staff are also not trained in mental health needs/issues. So they are clearly well placed to deal with people sent to them that have such problems. Like me.

    Ghost Whistler

    August 30, 2012 at 7:54 pm

  13. The Salvation Army is bleeding filth.

    Andrew Coates Old Grannie

    August 30, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    • Sorry but your wrong, the Sally Ann does no harm to anyone. Every day and night many
      thousands of people are supported by them. Christmas Day is no different, food, clothing
      health care, accommodation,transport etc etc. young or old they serve you. It’s a Christian
      based organisations but they don’t judge anyone or expect you to bible bash.

      It’s a great pitty that in the uk, the need has always been there and it’s growing. We should
      be ashamed of such events as “Children in need” or ” Comic Releif ” sorry but your wrong.

      Pete Peterson

      August 30, 2012 at 11:25 pm

      • You are right they do do gd work but when u do not go to church or pray why should we be forced to help them just because we lost our jobs due to government job cuts thats like telling a Muslim to help in the morman church we should not be forced and salvation army should being what with having peoples well being at heart should not just for MONEY take advantage of unemployed and excuse me when did they become job advisors what they got do is stop free labour then employers will start advertising again all time they know. they can pluck people off dole for free what chance do we stand getting back in to work and when you have free labour why would u take paid. labour you would,nt Stop free labour

        paul wells

        August 31, 2012 at 8:34 am

      • The point is not whether they do good work or not.

        It’s that we should not be forced to attend courses run by overtly Christian groups. As Paul rightly says, would you feel fine about going to a Mormon Temple to do job training?

        I think they whole idea of transferring the welfare state to private companies and ‘faith groups’ is completely wrong.

        We are equal citizens, not products, and not believers.

        Andrew Coates

        August 31, 2012 at 9:42 am

      • Ask the Salvation Army what The Bible says about using workers without wages.

        If the Salvation Army tries to defend that mean-spirited policy, refer them to the Book of Jeremiah, chapter 22, verse 13:

        “Woe unto him that buildeth his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by wrong; that useth his neighbour’s service without wages and giveth him not for his work”.


        August 31, 2012 at 12:40 pm

      • we ain’t knocking gd work they do we are saying as gods helpers they should not benefit off the back them less fortunnate than the people that they meant to help .helping them will not help me get a job it will restrict the time I have to seek work so in fact they will be doing more harm than gd what all you do gooders got about that fact then if we all helping gods helpers when do we look for work like job seekers act states you must fo to get benefit and amazing even gods helpers going to stick the boot in for sum of Cameron green backs and in case u don’t know what green backs are that’s your tax money Yes your tax money

        paul wells

        August 31, 2012 at 1:01 pm

  14. The Salvation Army don’t give anything away – unless their mouths are stuffed with money!

    A. Ellis

    August 31, 2012 at 3:05 pm

  15. Just remembered where I have come across (if you forgive the expression) Liz Hancock.
    One balmy night many years ago in a south coast holiday resort under the stars I surrendered my virginity to a girl from Stoke – one Liz Hancock!
    My how she’s changed!
    Or maybe not ”Captain Liz Hancock, commanding officer at Cradley Heath Salvation Army, said: “Right at the heart of the Salvation Army’s mission is a burning desire to reach out to people within the community by offering practical, emotional and spiritual support wherever possible.”
    Ah yes! I remember that burning desire well.


    August 31, 2012 at 3:12 pm

  16. The Salvation Army was involved in the transportation abroad of children to be used and abused as slave labour. The Sally Army has form.


    August 31, 2012 at 10:48 pm

  17. I can imagine what would happen if the Mujahadin ran the Work Programme. Or perhaps the Scientologists, or those nutters that set off nerve gas in Japan?
    Can you imagine what the daily mail would say about being sent to a WP in a mosque? Yet they don’t bat an eyelid if it’s all run by godfearing christians.

    Ghost Whistler

    September 7, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    • Exactly, it’s a slippery slope once you get religious groups running public services.

      There’s free-schools set up by all kinds of religious nutters, including the Flying Yogis (though I’m not sure if their project near Ipswich in Woodbridge has got off the ground).

      Maybe Pentecostal Holy Roller and Tory Kevin Alger who comments here (as ‘A Riverside View’) could set up his own training scheme.

      Andrew Coates

      September 7, 2012 at 3:21 pm

      • I’d rather go to the yogic flying (bounce on your bum) than to the holy rollers.

        something survived...

        November 8, 2012 at 12:13 am

  18. I’m not a moaner. Protesting in jobcentres gets you arrested, I can’t be arrested.
    I’ve had a clean record for years now. In any case how would I get a job then?
    They can send you to another jobcentre, require daily signing, or require the police there if you are seen as a problem. And my health is too bad to do much, and my finances only let me to London about once a year. I’m busy with college, research, 2 different city volunteering jobs, additional outdoor volunteering, being a sportsperson (sadly not given the right to be at London 2012 as they didn’t include my category, for the three events at which I am current world champion), training, housework. And going to Jobcentre and Work Programme. Also, since two days ago, fighting to save my workplace (the last community centre!) from closure. It will mean longer shifts and more responsibility taking over from people leaving.

    something survived...

    September 8, 2012 at 7:52 am

  19. At least. U have a job many of us don’t have that all but it may not be paid and all of us that are unemployed are in same boat none of us can afford to travel either so please don’t do I’m hard done by so the fck are all of us mate join the club

    paul wells

    September 8, 2012 at 8:16 am

  20. Oh and u can’t be world champion as we all do what u do fortnightly and housework daily stop saying u hard done by so da fck are we all get a job then u won’t have time to moan and birch I’m hard done by as is all that are unemployed

    paul wells

    September 8, 2012 at 8:23 am

    • Are you sure you’re in the right group?

      By the time I’ve cleaned up everyone else’s mess (my current job which is unpaid started as a compulsory work placement) at work and 20-odd people’s mess at home (shared house),
      I’m too tired (due to disabilities and CFS) to clean up my own stuff or cook something. Most weeks I now go 3 to 4 days between meals. And I am still world champion in my class so even though you may not like it, that’s a fact. I even compete without food. It is not just me, without me (though JCP tries to stop me volunteering and a colleague tries to get me sacked) the city would lose its last remaining community centre, the others were closed in the Cuts. My point was never to say one person is worse off than another person, so get your facts correct please. I was simply relaying information about stuff that happens firsthand. I started on this site when the case of the Counihan family came up and I was campaigning online and around my networks for them and others in similar situations.

      If you read my posts you might have noticed that I passed the point of 7,000 job applications many months ago. Most of these 7,000 do not reply, probably they can’t afford it as thousands of applicants apply and stamps are 60p or so. The other week I was offered a job but apart from not having the experience (they said it didn’t matter but I’m not a teacher) the job was in Thailand. AND I promptly informed the Jobcentre. This week they threatened a sanction and do you know what this one was for? ‘Applying for too many jobs’.

      Most employers who even get in touch at all, are chiefly concerned that they are not able to employ a disabled person. Or are open they do not want to. If you’re attacking the official paralympians, you ought to know that after the games, they had their entitlement to benefits stopped. Many also had their funding cut to nothing (so did members of the Olympic team). As yet I have been unable to get a sponsor, grant or other funding. I am busy with a fundraising drive to get the whole British team, not just myself, to America.

      something survived...

      November 8, 2012 at 12:32 am

  21. To Andrew Coates and all other people grumbling here about “Christian” organisations running workfare schemes.

    Remember, The Bible says “Salvation is of The Lord”. Salvation does not come from the Salvation Army or any religious organistation or church, so do not be put off true Salvation by dismal stories you’ve heard about “religious” organisations! Or perhaps you prefer darkness to light, hence the antipathy towards Christianity?

    The Salvation Army is a controversial organistation. “Christian” organisations should not be running workfare schemes as a tool of the Government for ideological ends, because, as I have said on here many times before, The Bible is against using workers without wages – just quote Jeremiah chapter 22, verse 13, to the Salvation Army or any other “Christian” organisation involved in workfare schemes.

    Jobseeker’s Allowance is not a wage, it is a meagre allowance paid to unemployed jobseekers to actively seek work as a condition of receiving it – a relentless and expensive activity week-in, week-out, which is hard enough to keep up in itself. JSA is not intended and should not be used as a substitute for proper wages.


    September 8, 2012 at 8:24 am

    • Well I agree with everything you say Tobanem, except I am a creature of darkness ….

      Andrew Coates

      September 8, 2012 at 11:17 am

      • But if one dose not go to church and wants nothing to do with them why just cause we lost our jobs should we be FORCED to help because wile we helping gods helpers it stops us looking for PAID work so how’s that of any help to us finding work none of what these charities are doing helps anybody into work in fact they prevent us seeking work wile we are helping them STOP FREE LABOUR PAID LABOUR ALL WAYS

        paul wells

        September 8, 2012 at 11:29 am

      • To Andrew Coates

        Of course, in order to SPIRITUALLY DISCERN The Bible – a change from natural darkness to spiritual light – you must be spiritually enlightened (born again, or born “from above”), otherwise The Bible will appear “foolish” to the “natural” (not born again) man – no matter how intellectually capable the natural man is. You are obviously the latter – hence you can intellectually perceive what is being said, although, in your own words, you remain a creature of [spiritual] darkness.

        See 1 Corinthians chapter 2, verse 14.

        See also, John chapter 1, verse 5: “And the [spiritual] light shineth in darkness; and the [natural] darkness comprehended it not”.


        September 8, 2012 at 12:30 pm


    paul wells

    September 8, 2012 at 8:29 am

  23. I have just found this and wish to add my own comments.

    Whilst I have nothing against the Salvation Army, they do a good job, but having to go to them for help with getting back to work is something that they should not be involved in.

    I have to attend this in Birmingham City, and regardless of my own, or other attendees beliefs, you are constantly surrounded with religious paraphernalia. There are others that attend with me who are Muslim and of other faiths, and you can see that they are visibly disturbed by having to attend what is a strictly Christian location. I would feel the same if I had to attend a Mosque. To make matters worse, I have sat there and listened as one, quite timid looking Asian young lady expressed her concerns to be told that she has no option but to attend or they would stop her benefits on the spot, she left in tears and when I left found her sat outside crying her eyes out.

    For my part I had a job interview arranged one afternoon and contacted them to tell them I couldn’t attend and why. I was told over the phone that any jobs I apply for have to be vetted by them first. In the end I went for my interview; unfortunately i didn’t get the job but it won’t stop me looking. When I turned up for my next visit I was accused to my face that I was a downright liar and demanded proof there and then. Fortunately I had the letter on me, but I never got a word of an apology.

    I am not a Christian and whilst I attend because I have been told I have to, even though they are doing precious little to help me, I find their attitude extremely un-Christian.

    I have tried to find out where to complain, but haven’t found anywhere yet, and the job Centre has said they have their hands tied.

    Peter Williams

    September 16, 2012 at 3:08 pm

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