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Social Fund Localisation.

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Not in the Queen’s Speech  ‘Family-Friendly Agenda’.

“Inclusion’s Centre for Responsible Credit is currently researching local authority plans to implement the localisation of elements of the Social Fund from April 2013. The Social Fund provides on-off financial support for low income households for a number of emergency expenses.

From April 2013, the government will abolish the existing Social Fund scheme. The current levels of expenditure on Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans Social Fund elements will be paid as non-ringfenced grants to upper tier local authorities and to the Scottish and Welsh Assembly government.

Community Care Grants currently support people with disabilities, lone parents and those at risk or moving out of institutional care. Crisis Loans tend to go to the long-term unemployed. We are keen to obtain views on current thinking about the local models of delivery which will be put in place to support vulnerable groups once budgets are devolved. “(From Here)

For “non-ringfenced” read, up to the Local Council to decide.

So essential money for those in desperate need is to be allocated according to the decisions of Councillors, advised by their officers.

We can imagine that, for  example,  Westminster Council, keen to get rid of its poor (and already cleansing them to out of London housing), will not be exactly forthcoming.


Written by Andrew Coates

May 9, 2012 at 11:42 am

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