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End of welfare to work?

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A4e Work Programme dismal results 

It appears all that is needed for A4e is the final nail in the coffin, not only have A4e selected where to rest, the type of coffin and jumped in.. it has even put the lid on! They might have even planned and paid for the funeral.

What has once been a few fraud allegations and four arrests has been growing due to A4e stupidity. This began back in 2010 just before David Cameron appointed her. Emma Harrison CBE, got cocky – some would say too cocky – after the big relationship with the Government landed her an role paid in kind by opening doors for more contracts. A sort of gentleman’s agreement. Yes, Emma is a woman although a tom boy type – only female using chairman instead of chairperson. She plays a lot on it ffs Emma, there is women in business too!!

A4e, despite a large turnover, and nice profits, is a very poorly run enterprise. Criticised for every aspect of delivery (or lack of). Most popular in 2010 was failing to file business accounts (so did YMCA Training), losing peoples personal information, another fraud enquiry hotting up and if that wasn’t enough Emma Harrison CBE opened her big mouth saying cuts are fantastic!

A4e got fined a record £60,000 for the data security breach. Emma Harrison got appointed to work for the Government for free (in kind for contracts for A4e aka corruption). She upset a few people with her comments before trying to claim she never said the words or knew the person who did. Something along the lines of the person who wrote the story didn’t know her and never met her – the same can be said for me, I have never met her – doesn’t change the facts being reported here.

So at this point it wasn’t looking too good for A4e: fraud, fines, bad publicity, and doubt. They got away with it for another year or two… or so they thought. Previously been investigated and found guilty of fraud – they thought it would again be swept under the carpet so no one would notice. Indeed one wouldn’t, except it was clearly visible under the carpet… line a big hill or mountain.

They in effect created a time bomb, the problems didn’t go away, although the criticism died down for a while. It just got more intense waiting for the shit to hit the fan! In 2010, people had patience with A4e, it seems its growing thin now even with politicians.

What else went wrong? Emma Harrison CBE was greedy… she decided to pay herself (and other shareholders) a bumped dividend. All fair and well, (from a private company perspective, not performance/taxpayer perspective) but was at the wrong time. She couldn’t have any control over timing, so its fate. Appears her luck has run out forcing her to step down from A4e.

We will get to the Work Programme figures in a little while!!

Then what could get worse? A4e deploying PHA Media, a PR agency not solicitor, trying to censorship the internet and silence people it sees as a threat. Emma Harrison CBE threatening to sue everyone who stands in A4e’s way. Paying money into 2 companies and a pension fund for hiring out her home for meetings – which might be money laundering and tax evasion. And as recently, publishing statistics against DWP’s wishes, and hundreds of other documents; some of which are entitled “PRIVATE” in the filename without any other form of protection/security.

A4e cannot be trusted with taxpayer money, its own data OR jobseekers personal information!

The statistics…

A4e performance…crap!

Actually I have to shake the hand of A4e’s CEO, Andrew Dutton, soon to be legendary cowboy mastermind… with an electric shock handshake… with the current turned up!! How on earth can you deliver a scheme so terrible that those being on it could stand 15 times more chance of securing work without your help?

This lack of performance, whilst pocketing millions from the taxpayer, is clearly fraud in itself especially after claiming getting someone a job every 7 minutes. Its not a little white lie, but fraud!


A total figure of 20,362 referrals @ 85.6% attachment rate leaves 17,430

The fee is £400 per jobseeker (excluding any outcome payments) – we are using this figure as we do not know the ratio of jobseekers to ESA claimants. The latter group is £600.

17,430 (people) x £400 (fee) = £6,972,000

(Note: A4e wouldn’t get to keep all this as some will be distributed to its partners etc.)

1812 people have entered work (of some description – could be a day or week – no expected outcome yet – 1426 without expected outcome386 with outcome expected) leaves a pre-outcome calculation of £3847 per person put into work. This figure will come down as many more are put into work.

As with those already expected for an outcome (386) makes £18,062 per person pre-outcome.

These are only revenue – not profits – overheads will need to be accounted for etc but we are displaying these figures due to the fact more people would have found work without A4e’s help so is this expenditure from the Government (or should I say taxpayers purse) justified?


At current (as of this data) A4e has only managed a 1.9% outcome rate, frankly disgusting.

It has however, an 8.9% “Job Entry Rate” which is extremely poor, far below expectations of a poor performer under the Work Programme contracts.

Which percentage do we consider? The high or low one? The 8.9% figure would be a nice one as a benchmark but it solely considers that someone has had an offer of employment and that participants have not necessary obtained sustainable work suitable for a job outcome – excluding that included in the 1.9% of course. The 1.9% figure suggests around 2% (we are being generous) have entered a job expecting to last enough for a job outcome.

End of welfare to work?

Is this the end of welfare to work? Recently, the largest welfare to work provider of all time, announced founder and chairperson Emma Harrison CBE will quit as her company crumbles AND dodgy two-time Finance Director is stepping down again – ironically enough, in the new fiscal year following a fraud investigation that is promoted to the public, the second time.

The Government expects around 30% outcome as a natural occurrence of people finding work without provider help. Just how over half of people apparently sign off after 6 months and assumed to be in work. This might have something to do with time limited contributory based Jobseekers Allowance more than anything else.

This clearly shows that Welfare to Work:
* does not work
* is very expensive
* not good value to the taxpayer
* full of fraud

Ipswich Unemployed Action proposes that all welfare-to-work contracts are terminated with immediate effect with such money savings being spent on more important things like the NHS or making a move-on with the proposed High Speed rail project which is quite frankly a joke that keeps getting delayed and put off.

Actually I would rather they replaced the Downing Street gates with solid gold gates… one would say a waste of money but at least jobseekers and the disabled aren’t turned into slaves and abused!!

We also propose Direct Action against all welfare-to-work providers (prime contractors and subcontractors) alongside the existing actions against workfare. We demand benefit sanctions are abolished and providers such as A4e are prosecuted for fraud.


15 Responses

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  1. Things are moving very quickly behind the scenes. A4E is trying to get the zip file I am hosting taken down (despite the fact it has already been downloaded by several hundred people). We have a mole in the DWP who tells me Grayling is hanging to his job by a particularly fragile thread. Emma Harrison and some other A4E top brass are being hauled into an emergency meeting with the DWP. I am told there is a very good chance all A4E’s contracts will be terminated within days. The A4E site is down as a result of a demand from the DWP. If the contracts are terminated there is a good chance it won’t be back up.

    All 4 Emma

    March 2, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    • Oh dear, us at Ipswich Unemployed Action feels so bad about this. Not.

      So the A4e site going down is due to DWP pressure?

      Lets hope A4e is finished.

      Just for the knowledge of Emma Harrison CBE and A4e etc. so many journalist have been on this site at recent times… you hope they don’t pick up the news as its dyed down over the week.

      Work Programme

      March 2, 2012 at 7:34 pm

  2. Some more websites of A4e:


    Most of it has since been pulled.. it used to have all the config data to their networks listed on. OK, there wasn’t any passwords but knowing how to connect surely is half way to hacking it?

    Also has email login pages (fine nothing wrong with that)


    Used to have a website for contracts (probably not major contracts but who knows?)


    Some others….

    http://intranet.a4e.co.uk/ (intranet)

    For https://www.a4e.co.uk (secure site)

    Invalid web site

    The requested domain name is not configured for any web site: https://www.a4e.co.uk:443/Default.aspx
    If you’re an administrator of this site, you need to go to Site Manager -> Sites and use the following domain name either in the Site properties or add a new domain alias: http://www.a4e.co.uk:443
    You can also get a license of Kentico CMS Free Edition after registration at http://www.kentico.com/download/free-edition.aspx


    Appears forbidden! Nice one!

    There used to be a4egroup.co.uk LOL interesting stuff

    Google is good fun 🙂 so is the web archive

    Work Programme

    March 2, 2012 at 10:28 pm

  3. This looks pretty damning in terms of the way these bastards operate


    All 4 Emma

    March 2, 2012 at 11:51 pm

  4. Oops, look what secret url was in one of the private docs


    All 4 Emma

    March 3, 2012 at 12:09 am

  5. https://mya4edesk.a4e.co.uk

    Would assume by the image, requires a login (i.e. password protected) but would you not have this on like your intranet?

    Like this much data online, protected by a password… is terrible… A4e employs 3500 (count varies all the time) … I am sure many passwords will be lame like:

    anne3 (i.e. daughter called anne who is 3yo)
    spain1988 (location and date or honeymoon)
    improving1 (any word can think of – like from A4e’s slogan, and a number)

    (Anyone working in such an environment of over 20 people or seen leaked passwords online will know what I mean)

    All anyone needs is the corresponding username! (or email etc.)

    Work Programme

    March 3, 2012 at 8:24 am

    • You tried “knickers” yet, duck? 🙂

      Vera D

      March 3, 2012 at 11:15 am

  6. First, utterly awesome series of blogs, as ever.

    2nd – Do those figures really show that 6 “partners” didn’t place ANYONE in work at all or am I reading it wrong? Seriously, none?

    It seems the “most successful” at around 16 – 20% would never have reached the Gov’s new performance by results targets (which are around 30% for WP) and I imagine this is a the heart of Emma’s new urge to blow some whistles.

    Finally, remember I was on Newsnight? Well I got the dubious pleasure of a private chat with Grayling for 45 mins!!! (I know, it was painful) I told him all this would happen, which might be my juiciest “told-you-so” of all time.

    I also told him ESA was about 4 months from total collapse (for a variety of reasons) and there was no physical way on earth he could bring in face to face assessments for everyone under PIP.

    I can’t wait, can you?

    Sue Marsh

    March 3, 2012 at 8:50 am

    • Hi Sue, I assume you are including your own blog in that statement! 🙂

      You are probably right. Too bad its not in excel format (it was before saved in pdf it seems) so sorting the data would be easier.

      You did well, 45 minutes of private chat without attacking him… you deserve *another* medal!

      Hopefully some of the other provider’s data will leak out in the next few months (although I think unlikely but you never know).

      Work Programme

      March 3, 2012 at 9:11 am

  7. This is A4e’s attitude…

    To get your data it will cost you £10 (is legal)…

    Can I find out what personal information A4e holds about me?

    Under the Data Protection Act, it is possible for an individual to request any personal data A4e holds about them (Subject Access Request) providing that proof of identity is supplied and upon payment of a £10 administration fee.

    Any such requests must be made in writing to the Information Security Officer or using the form which is available from informationsecurity@a4e.co.uk (A4e can assist with this if support is needed to complete a form). We will respond to requests within forty days of receipt.

    Information Security Officer – A4e Ltd
    Queens House
    105 Queen Street
    S1 1GN

    But they are happy to give it away or lose it for FREE!

    Work Programme

    March 3, 2012 at 9:24 am

    • I had the same response when I requested my data some time ago. Lkike I’m gong to pay them £10 and send them driving licence/passport/utility bill!!!
      I actually think they may not have the right to demand payment because they are operating not as a data controller (that’s the DWP) but as a data user.
      I suspect that they may be required to follow the DWP’s practice – and they don’t ask for payment or proof of identity before releasing data (I know because I got my data off DWP).


      March 3, 2012 at 1:04 pm

  8. Notice the date…

    A4e and Partner
    Information Security
    Quick Reference Guide
    January 2012 V.1

    Some snippets… (perhaps they should read their own documents?!)

    Consequences of not adequately safeguarding information
    • Possible consequences to customers: Stress, distress, identity theft, financial loss, physical harm e.g. Victims of domestic violence.
    • Possible consequences to HR / Personal Information: Harm or distress of personal
    details being known e.g. Absence record, previous disciplinary information, etc.
    • Possible consequences to the public : Loss of public confidence in the services provided, embarrassment for the individual(s) and the organisation, etc
    • Consequences to A4E / Partner: Reputational damage which is extremely important in this sector, regulatory, legal and financial damage.

    Train journeys are often used as time to get some work done. If you are working on the train make sure that you cannot be overlooked or overheard. Many mobile phones have cameras and
    voice recording facilities, so take care what can be seen and heard by others.

    Never leave any equipment i.e. laptops, phones, encrypted memory sticks or paperwork unattended.

    A security incident can be described as: any activity that causes or could potentially affect the availability, confidentiality or integrity of the physical or electronic information assets of A4e, our funders, or our Partners. Anyone who is aware of , or experiences a security incident, should report it immediately by following their Information Security Incident Reporting process.

    Work Programme

    March 3, 2012 at 9:42 am

  9. Witness our first of many attacks on the welfare-to-work-industry.

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.



    March 3, 2012 at 10:45 am

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