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DWP and Fraud: rules vary depending on which side

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DWP are bastards; the definition of fraud varies depending on what side of the table you are at: as a partner organisation or benefit claimant.


Everyone knows it is wrong to work without declaring it (we are trying to make it not about A4e here, but this is exactly what they tried to force someone to do) or to live with a partner without declaring it. Simple stuff.

Actually, in the most basic terms – fraud in these prescribed circumstances is if you do not declare a Change in Circumstances/Change of Circumstances.  This could be because you are a crook, that you forgot, didn’t know about the requirement to or another handful of reasons – this makes you a benefit fraudster with all scenarios having the same extent of being guilty – with exception to prosecution in court.

If someone tips you off (DWP/Government never seem to catch anyone themselves) they will investigate you. Even if the tip off is without merit.

They work out how much is “stolen” by when the date the Change in Circumstances/Change of Circumstances occurred and the date they prosecute you – this is normally why people are caught late as they like it to rake up to make good headlines.

So even if you are a jobseeker who popped down to your girlfriends for a night or two for some hot passionate love making, but didn’t declare you were away from your claim address, although you were still looking for work and available, and got found out 6 months later… not knowing you were supposed to declare it, how much you received in that 6 months would be how much you “stole”.

The irony is that after reporting these changes, wouldn’t affect your benefit at all unlike say a part time job of 5 hours a week which would be deducted from your JSA (minus £5 disregarded)… it is still treated as theft.

W2W contractors

Forget timesheet fraud and forged jobseeker signatures… DWP isn’t interested in this. The only fraud they are interested is claiming for job outcomes for jobs that don’t exist.

Someone with A4e’s value of contracts will need to commit £1 million+ of fraud for any chance of the management to be prosecuted. Any less, A4e will need to just pay it back.

If this is the case A4e will be fined £5000 for each “act” of fraud or irregularity under £25,000 or a fine of £15,000 for each “act” of fraud or regularity equal to or exceeding £25,000.

An “act” here probably means per person responsible – try not to laugh if A4e gets away with this all and gets a fine of £25,000 to £75,000! – of course you wont be laughing. Neither of us will be.


Written by Universal Jobmatch

February 29, 2012 at 4:30 pm

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