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A4e corruption is utterly rife

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Whistleblowers flood into giving evidence in the form of witness statements to the police, DWP and the press, like a pilgrimage to Mecca by Muslims.

Hundreds of A4e past and present employees have come forward to testify against A4e, many retaining their anonymity… but not one Tracie Spiers, a mother of two, who has publicly spoke of her horror of being asked to forge a signature. She refused. Many other volunteers offered to do so, and the job was done. Ker-ching!

But this is not any A4e employee –  the remainder working out of many locations around the globe as we are constantly reminded of – but the same office as is currently the centre of fraud investigations by Thames Valley police.

A4e staff routinely forged signatures and champagne was handed out as an incentive (lets get HMRC involved for fun, wonder if they claimed such in business expenses?)

Jobseekers at A4e were asked to sign blank timesheets every Friday, colleagues created bogus signatures, faked timesheets and ultimately claimed jobseekers cash by bogus employer signatures for those not even in work and for jobs that had not even existed.

Meanwhile A4e is hiring a firm to audit documents for the unlawfully intention of making them not available to police and other Government bodies investigating the fraud.

David Cameron and Co already has faith that he has pulled enough strings to cover this up…

Keep the pressure up people, its not just taxpayer cost for the contracts, and non-genuine job outcomes but millions for the investigations. However, I do think us taxpayers can afford a few more million to keep a hundred of so A4e employees locked up, include A4e Emma Harrison CBE and the entire management team.

Lets not forget Saint Emma, who implemented a 50% check on job outcomes the last time A4e was publicly investigated for fraud (which we criticised was a cover for not checking 50%) is now more responsible than before such checks.


Written by Universal Jobmatch

February 29, 2012 at 4:21 pm

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  1. Some research material?

    Investigate this?


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