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Prince’s Trust: Are they actually helping young people?

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Previously we have criticised charities such as the Papworth Trust and YMCA Training; and those that people think are charities (when they are not) such as The Big Issue

Today, we will focus on The Prince’s Trust, who took the risk of using the riots as an opportunity for a fund-raising campaign to raise over £1.5 million of additional money with the assumption that by donating to Prince’s Trust will stop the youth having to resort to such measures in the future (although it clearly states most young people weren’t involved – but no mention of the demographics of the rioters).

We understand that the Prince’s Trust provides the following courses and grants:-

  • Team
  • Get into… (Youth Work, Retail, Cars, Cooking)
  • Get started…  (Football, Music)
  • Development Awards (grants)
  • Community Cash Awards (grants)
  • Fairbridge Programme
  • Enterprise Programme

But you never really hear much about the 650,000 people helped in 35 years.

Taking the Enterprise Programme for example (due to it being much easier to gauge than the other programmes) there is solely one funded business in the East, in Lowestoft called Vivaz Media whose website is in development; however all Princes Trust offices in the region hold rather regular introduction events for the programme.

Are people that bad? Especially in the well renown Cambridge-Ipswich (Suffolk) IT corridor (also known as IP-City)…

Feedback would be appreciated. Have you or do you know of anyone having benefited from being on one of these programmes?

  • As for the community-based programmes and grants, do you know if they have significantly impacted your community and improved your neighbourhood?
  • Are you in a new career now thanks to the “Get into…” programmes?
  • Have you improved your person skills, team building, confidence etc. thanks to the Princes Trust Team programme?
  • Have you set up a business with finance or mentoring support from the Enterprise Programme?

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  1. Hello I have some answers to your questions! !

    jesse Michael latter

    October 17, 2013 at 10:42 pm

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