Jobcentre Plus Jobcentre Security Guards: G4s redundancies?

Anyone who has been to Jobcentre Plus in Ipswich recently (in particular Door B) will notice:

  • Less Security Guards (G4s)
  • Jobcentre staff restricting access to those without appointment/too early

The above might not be noticeable at all times, however, its clear that there is less G4s securtity guards deployed and Jobcentre Plus staff guarding Door B.

This is just a short post to allow discussion on this issue – for example:-

  • Is Jobcentre Plus reducing expenditure on G4s security guards in regards to spending cuts?
  • (If so..) Are these surplus to requirements security staff being laid off / made redundant?
  • Why is Door B access being restricted? Why 2 members of staff being paid to do so?
  • Why are those who are “too early” being turned away and told to come back later?
  • Are those who are late to appointments (perhaps a few minutes) denied access and sanctioned?
  • Is this good value of taxpayers money especially in time of cut backs?

I got a shock this week – the relaxed walk in and wander to the stairs, climb the stairs, wait at “reception desk” to hand in my ES40 booklet and the mandatory 20 minutes wait to be seen to, has been replaced. No longer am I allowed to access the building freely with implied consent due to having an appointment around such time of entry. I am treated as a trespassing stranger!

Now, I have to await processing. Immediately, I must provide my full name and my ES40 or particulars of other appointment. Then its down to the two Jobcentre Plus staff to decide whether the time I have arrived is acceptable for the appointment… am I too early? Am I late? Then once clearance I have to climb the stairs… and now there is no one on “reception”. I stand 5 minutes at the “reception desk”, and only once my presence has been noted by all the staff members working on the floor does someone come out of no where (this time the person was chatting to a colleague due to perhaps boredom?) to collect my ES40. Now its the mandatory 20 minutes wait to be seen.

It seems Jobcentre control over jobseekers have stepped up a gear. Have a problem with your claim? There is absolutely no chance you are going to get in without the police being called. Likewise, if you are late by a few minutes where you would have normally blended in without a problem (still wait another 15 minutes or so) you are denied being allowed to sign on. The staff acting as security guards do not look very happy and by the time I left looked half asleep.

  • Is this happening at other Jobcentres?
  • What are your experiences of this?

11 thoughts on “Jobcentre Plus Jobcentre Security Guards: G4s redundancies?

  1. Well I turn up at my jobcentre usually about 2:35 a full ten minutes before Im due to sign on. I only ever see one security guard where i used to see to or maybe three having a meadner around the job points, and telling people on the mobile phones to turn them off or leave.

    I wait at the front desk gotta be about five minutes whilst members of staff are having a chat. They turn to me have my card, look at me in my opinion like im scum, ok they say and take a seat. after looking at the time on the wall and looking at their own wrist watch. I take a seat and wait for about 15 minutes. I am then called and sit down.

    Vast majority don’t bother to look at es-40 booklet. I hand them my job search. They look at me and say you have got the jobcentre as the care of address. I reply thats because the dwp keeps sending me things out in small print and i cant read them so i complained. OH They say Proceed to shuffle my documents and sign in form around to find the larger print form and ask me to confirm my address. I then sign the form and go on my merry way.

    Questio ns Id like to ask if anyone knows ? Does the DWP Aka jobcentre have a duty of care to it’s clients particularly vulnerable/disabled clients. Could this be used as a form of attack on the dwp if they try sending disabled people to these unemployment biznesses that dont cater for the disabled

  2. Every time I go to sign on the security guards are always throwing a jobseeker out for using ‘em blooming job centre ‘phones. They move in like blooming vultures as soon as a jobseeker goes near one. Blooming ridiculous!

  3. I haven’t noticed anything like that at the Lowestoft jobcentre yet. How do you get on if you just want to go in to use the job point machines?

  4. Yeah, the security can be a little terse at times. Mind you, there was one guy who was really friendly at my jobcentre. Haven’t seen him lately. Maybe he found a better job? Maybe he was made redundant because he was too nice?

    It’s rather fascinating really. There was one time where me and a couple of the jobcentre girls were having a little bit of light hearted banter and we were laughing and this female security operative walked by and asked if everything was alright.
    Which made for a few more laughs.
    And an opportunity to point out that the security doesn’t really promote a good atmosphere.
    Of course, they may well need some security, but they should be in the background and only offer interaction if required.
    They do hover around whenever one has to be assertive I have noticed.
    I think that it’s possible that they want a hostile atmosphere in jobcentres. I just say hello as i walk in. I don’t recognise them having any power over me. I’m a reasonable sort and they’re mind games don’t work on me.
    Some of these people are simply goons. Put them in a costume and they get a little dizzy with this supposed power they think they have.
    Be smart, be cool, don’t get angry, don’t shout or swear or threaten anyone and there will no problem. Or there shouldn’t be.

  5. I can reveal it appears that both members are staff guarding the door are MANAGERS.

    I can also clearly state it is ILLEGAL. Neither staff members have an SIA licence which is needed for Door Supervision and Security Guarding.

    Next time you sign on perhaps you want to confront the staff asking to see an SIA licence badge?

  6. I got a shock this week – the relaxed walk in and wander to the stairs, climb the stairs, wait at “reception desk” to hand in my ES40 booklet and the mandatory 20 minutes wait to be Then once clearance I have to climb the stairs… and now there is no one on “reception”. I stand 5 minutes at the “reception desk”, and only once my presence has been noted by all

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