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Ministers to ‘Adopt’ Workless Families.

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MPs to mentor out of work families


Some of David Cameron’s ministers and advisers are to volunteer as “family champions” and “adopt” families on benefits.

Under the scheme, designed by ‘social entrepreneur’ Emma Harrison who manages a number of the Government’s training contracts, politicians will use their contacts and help manage the family’s finances to encourage them back to work. Tim Loughton is amongst the first volunteers.

Work and Pensions Minister Chris Grayling said “my colleague Tim Loughton is setting up a charitable foundation to help in a sense be a thought-leader for family intervention”. He added that the Department of Work and Pensions was going to also help by helping get families back to work.

And they say that satire is dead.




Written by Andrew Coates

August 21, 2011 at 11:42 am

6 Responses

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  1. This was was released by the UKPA about thirty minutes ago: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ukpress/article/ALeqM5i2ChfGjOAhfWtTZUef-UnC1UiEsQ?docId=N0504781313927433674A

    "The Government was today accused of engaging in gimmicks following the disclosure that a minister is personally to "adopt" a workless family to try to help them off benefits and into work.

    The Department for Education confirmed that children and families minister Tim Loughton had agreed to become a "family champion" under a scheme devised by social entrepreneur, Emma Harrison.

    The Sunday Times reported that Mr Loughton was among a number of Government ministers, advisers and MPs who had volunteered to take part. They were said to include Rohan Silva, one of David Cameron's senior policy advisers.

    However there appeared to be some confusion in Whitehall over the plan with employment minister Chris Grayling – who was also named among the volunteers – saying that he was not involved.

    "I was rather surprised when I read this one. It was news to me that I was going to be in there," he told Sky News.

    "Tim is the children's minister and I know that he wants to lead from the front over this. I am sure he will do an excellent job."

    However shadow home office minister Vernon Coaker dismissed the plan as "gimmicky" and accused ministers of lacking a proper strategy for dealing with the long-term unemployed.

    "It smacks of something that gets a headline, but what is going on underneath? What is the strategy?" he said.

    The scheme is intended to encourage the middle classes to act as mentors to families in which no one has worked over two or three generations. They would introduce the families to their contacts, help them manage their household finances and guide them through the bureaucracy.

    Ms Harrison, whose company manages £300 million of government training contracts, denied the scheme was a gimmick.

    Andrew Coates

    August 21, 2011 at 12:38 pm

  2. ‘managing their finances’?

    What the hell..?


    August 21, 2011 at 3:04 pm


    I hope to sign up and have dave, nick or #IDS adopt me. Nick and dave would be my ideal solution. Sitin a taxpayer funded house, sip taxpayer funded wine, houses of parliament subsidised meals which are nothing less than spectacular banquets Would I be able to flip my residence ?

    Oh and then theirs Mr IDS the DWP secretary ? Lets see what I would learn from him Responsibility Responsibility Responsibility. I know I will use a toilet for the disavbled whilst making a genuine disabled person wait for the loo. And not flush it once finished. And on being confrontedby the disabled someone person he promptly puts the blame squarley on someonelses shoulder saying they told me i COULD. tHE DISABLED Pe know how many days he has been on holiday and how many days he is down in cornwall for. Still thats the perks of office
    ERON says if someone told you to steal that flat screen would you. to which he had no reply. Scurried off and then the DWP blamed the producers which were channel 4.

    I wish I had of grown up in daves era, eton messes and someone else paying for tuition fees.

    MR Cameron a good example of a working person ? Does anyon


    August 21, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    • This might interest you Kyron:

      “A French-owned IT company awarded a £100m government contract to carry out benefits assessments has been slammed by charities after forcing a thriving support forum for disabled people and their carers to shut down over mysterious libel concerns.
      The forum, which boasts more than 400 registered users and is run by the successful campaign group CarerWatch, was taken offline on Sunday after its hosting company was contacted by lawyers acting for multinational technology firm Atos. In a letter to the contractor, which has an annual turnover of £4.4 billion, the site’s owners described the devastating effects of the decision:
      “We have many members who are very fragile and the sudden disappearance of a support group has caused a lot of distress and fear. Some are ringing us in tears.”
      Speaking to Scrapbook, group administrator Rosemary O’Neill said that CarerWatch would have been happy to co-operate with the company if given the chance, saying: “Had they used common courtesy and contacted us direct, we would have removed any possible material they took exception to.”
      A spokesman for Crossroads Care and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers agreed:
      “It’s a real shame that carers will no longer have a place to turn to support each other. The dispute could have been resolved by discussing it, rather than by just shutting the site down.”
      The disproportionate move follows actions against other websites After Atos and Atos Register of Shame. The former was forced to close in May after receiving a cease-and-desist letter objecting to the use of phrases such as “Atos Kills”. But the CarerWatch forum covers a range of issues of benign interest to disability campaigners, and it’s owners claim to have no idea what has provoked the company.”

      Hat-Tip to Mick http://www.organizedrage.com/2011/08/atos-main-contractor-working-for.html?spref=tw

      Andrew Coates

      August 24, 2011 at 11:45 am

  4. A decent article, imo…

    Being volunteered to work for nothing: a new recipe for the likes of them

    Cameron and Blair talk of a rump at the bottom of society – rhetoric that suits businesses getting unpaid labour out of it

    David Cameron talks about the “120,000 most troubled families” in the country, and promises help from mentors – “family champions”, as the government calls them – who will apparently include Tory MPs and advisers. From some distant departure lounge, Tony Blair holds forth about a sub-group of people “outside the social mainstream” who demand “deeply specific solutions”.

    Between the two of them there is some disagreement over how much looted shops say about the national condition, but they seem to share the same essential conviction: that there is a degenerate rump at the bottom of society, and no point getting hot and bothered about any apparently harsh or intrusive treatment meted out to them. They are, after all, nothing like the rest of us.

    This belief is contagious. Even my Guardian colleague Jackie Ashley this week claimed that “many” of our poorest people are now “culturally hostile to work and social order”. And so, with the help of such welfare-to-work companies as A4e (whose chair, Emma Harrison, is fast becoming a poster girl for the government’s revived fixation with worklessness) the juggernaut of brutal welfare reform is being allowed to speed on, with barely a squeak of opposition. The silence is overwhelming, even when it comes to people being pushed into work for practically nothing.

    More here.

    Johnny Jack

    August 23, 2011 at 7:20 pm

  5. How utterly patronising! And demoralising.


    September 27, 2011 at 7:00 pm

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