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Corporate Watch  has just published an important article on the ‘Unemployment Business’ – here.

There’s plenty to chew over. Such as,

The approach taken by the government and its private ‘partners’ in reducing unemployment seems to be centred around bullying claimants into accepting any job available, based on the presumption that everyone wants to work, whatever the work is. Those who don’t are considered ‘parasitic free riders’. This logic, which blames unemployment on the unemployed and ignores the fact that job offers are subject to market mechanisms, is used to justify the criminalisation of the unemployed and the use of increasingly punitive and repressive measures against them (the ‘zero tolerance’ approach). Other possible approaches, such as reducing working hours or increasing the minimum wage, are readily dismissed as that might be politically dangerous: people with their basic needs met and a lot of time on their hands might be capable of too much.

This reminds me.


There is a case round here. A chap stuck out in the villages on Incapacity Benefit. It was taken away (DWP doctor, not his own).

He appealed (if you knew him he really needs every quid of Incapacity money). It took a year. Tribunal. He won.

Ten weeks later he is still waiting for his money.

Talk about bullying….




Written by Andrew Coates

April 25, 2010 at 9:28 am

4 Responses

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  1. people on disability benefits are treated disgracefully,while it suited governments’/job centre staff in the 80s 90s and into the millennium to push people onto these benefits’ to mask often hard core unemployment a swift sweep under the carpet policy .a practice recently held view at my former new deal provider to the last minute until employment support allowance anything to remove you from what is jobseekers allowance.

    they will use any tactic they can once i was told on new deal “sell up and travel the world” by one “employee” of the providers.

    all this has a genuine substantial impact on those this practice was carried out on,many communities in the past few decades have been destroyed by the loss of manufacturing/mining industries’ and the knock on effects on those that have borne the brunt of this “industrial revolution” when the reality it was brought about with strong armed confrontation with scant disregard of the legacy now many years on.

    as well as those physically disable there are the mental scars of long term unemployment,these are now being focused on in a political exercise that tantamount s to total bullying,it is not uncommon to sit in front of a jobcentre advisor being told to claim employment support allowance and the term “you can always appeal” now they are using this term also now.

    with this back to work policy there appears to be little thought about the prospects of securing retaining employment,some will need support often long term those with mental illness will need understanding also,unfortunately from experience this is in short supply,everyday life is largely geared to the fit well and able, where the pound and the penny matter foremost and a hectic life,many will find the stress unbearable triggering a relapse and time to recover.

    the system is a catastrophic failure,the bullying tactics employed by the dwp are totally unacceptable and disgraceful in their objectives of cuts to the disabled,to be told by one section you are fit to claim jobseekers and on arrival at the job centre being told your not as has happened recently to a woman receiving treatment is at the highest level of stupidity.

    this is a long way from being reality the tinted vision is all to easily conveyed the reality is somewhat different.


    April 27, 2010 at 9:37 pm

  2. As I said in a previous post mentioning a friend the disabled have been well and truly shafted by this government. They have been thrown off Incapacity benefit being suddenly miraculously classed as ‘fit for [what)? work” and forced onto JSA into (even for the able bodied) a practically non existent jobs market. Bearing in mind the reason many of the disabled were put on Incapacity Benefit in the first place was they could no longer physically do their life trades, this now means they have been forced back onto the full labour market now as ‘unskilled labour “which generally involves physical work so what chance have they got? To make matters worse the government had closed most of the remploy factories as it insisted that their ‘old school chums” in the private sector would do a better job…..que the recession and the private sector didn’t want to know. On top of things you soon realise that the disabled are going to make up a bigger and bigger percentage of the long term unemployed as its several times harder for a disabled person in the available jobs market, so this means as things progress the disabled are going to be over represented in numbers of workfare ‘participants.” So the disabled are going to first be punished for being unemployed then be punished for being disabled unemployed being forced to do community service style workfare and all for less money then they got on Incapacity benefit.

    Another farce is the fact that though Gordon Brown will send the Royal Navy to pick up stranded holiday makers and ensure they get compensation he is not quite so sympathetic to disabled people who win their appeals like your friend who has been through hell for a year on top of everything year, as no matter what suffering it causes even if you win you don’t get any compensation which is just obscene as it just rewards the DWP for trying it on.

    I am more disgusted with the heads of disability rights campaigns for not sticking up for their people and not causing an almighty stink in the press instead they just seem happy to sell out their people by getting into bed with the government with an a cosy assured place in the House of Lords ‘if they’re good and tow the line” at the end of it for them.

    Like wise The majority of Union bosses have really missed a trick in sticking up for the unemployed against workfare and sticking up for minimum wage workers, as there inaction when support was critical has blown the fantastic opportunity they had to recruit vast numbers of future union members and also by getting the unemployed on there side ensure that the unemployed don’t get forced into scab labour like the recent Royal Mail strike, or workfared into financially struggling councils to undermine the poorest workers job security, wage claims and conditions. They also failed to realise that the Unions bank role Neo-Labour so they need to grasp the fact that its their members money , its their members who call the shots to Neo-Labour not the other way round. Labour just take the money and ignore the Unions taking them for granted pointing out a Conservative government would be Anti-Union. But now with the rise iof the Liberals who are more left wing than Labour I would like to see the Unions play Labour at their own game and tell Labour to “either do it or we will start talking with the Liberals who would no doubt love our Union money”.

    lowestoft's finest

    April 28, 2010 at 9:59 am

    • Ken – they call the DWP Ipswich Doctors’ Sessions for those who try to get DLA or are up for a review, “Lourdes”.

      They have the wonderful power of healing the lame and curing the sick.

      Lowestoft: we have tried to make them listen, we really have tried….

      Andrew Coates

      April 28, 2010 at 11:38 am

      • i have actually been there many years ago,it was certainly an experience not to be forgotten even at a young age,a bottle of water from 1974 still exists here its never evaporated turned green and still appears pure as the day it was filled by myself,certainly i would not consider the dwp and their associate contractual partners in the same light.

        forgiveness is everything and these people seem short on this and and the tactics experienced/ used certainly its very difficult to give any back.


        April 28, 2010 at 7:28 pm

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