Ipswich Unemployed Action.

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Unemployed Workers’ Union.

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Alex Halligan September 10 at 2:41am Reply
Hi everyone,

I have been swamped with emails and phone calls over the last couple of weeks. The unemployed Workers Union looks like it will go far

it looks like we will be able to set up a minimum of 25 Branches around Britain and Ireland over the coming months.

*Please get in touch if you want to get innvolved
*send me your email address and town or city

Details of a national Youth Fight for Jobs demo can be found at the following link



Alex Halligan

A union of the Unemployed has been formed, a number of branches have already opened. Many more are springing up around Britain and Ireland

We intend to form a Mass Union for all Unemployed people. We wish for each Branch to affiliate to the national body, though the union should be federalised, at least in its initial stages. We can’t have a top down approach. Those involved in Salford have merely called the action, it is for others to support it…

We propose a National Conference should be held for all interested parties and so we can begin the democratic organisation of this Union of the Unemployed.

Negotiations with other National Unions have begun. Offers of support and affiliation would be welcomed. Its too long that the Unemployed have gone without proper Representation…

The fee for an Unemployed Worker to join the Union is £1 for membership fee and a 10p monthly sub.

The Union is open for workers to join at a cost of £5 per month.

The UWU is not conventional in the sense of a standard Industrial Union and legally must not be treated as such. We aim to build Solidarity between Workers and the Unemployed. We also seek proper representation and the right to work for all unemployed people.

We are currently working on Provisional systems of running and expanding the organisation. We need your participation.

Public Appeal

We need as many Trade Union affiliations and donations.

If you are in a Union then please could you affiliate your Branch to the Unemployed Workers Union.

We also need volunteers in every corner of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Don’t Hesitate to get in touch.

If there are any existing local or regional groups of Unemployed then we would like to disscuss affiliation and cooperation between our organisation.

Also a very important request to PCS members is that we need Cooperation in Job Centres around the country. Many can be hostile! Please get in touch and we can work out a liaison system.

For more information

Phone Alec Mcfadden on 07831627531

or email Alex Halligan at vollunteer@hotmail.co.uk


A Charter for Unemployed has been drafted which includes.

• The Right to Work for All
• The National Minimum Wage of £8 per hour
• Free Transport for Unemployed
• Free Prescriptions
• Free Legal Advice
• Improved Welfare Benefits
• Unemployment Benefit 70% of New National Minimum Wage
• Abolition of Student Fees
• Mass Apprenticeship Scheme for All Young People
• Nationalisation of Companies going into Bankruptcy and Liquidation, this would save jobs and stimulate the manufacturing industry


Written by Andrew Coates

September 10, 2009 at 10:01 am

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