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The Flexible New Deal  is due to begin this October.

In Suffolk A4e was one of the preferred bidders. It will be, we assume, up and running, round here soon.  The other company in charge in the County is part of TNG, part of AVANTA here.


Looking at the Board of this company, which appears to do very well out of public money, we find some dodgy-looking people.


Comments in Bold Italics:

Stuart Vere (Chairman)
Stuart became Chairman of Avanta Enterprises Ltd in April 2006, following the merger of TNG and InBiz. Stuart was previously Chairman at InBiz and led the Company’s successful growth and associated change and restructuring from 2001 to 2006.

Stuart’s background has been in CEO, Board and Chair positions, mainly in commercial service industries, both in the UK and overseas. He has a strong record of entrepreneurial and commercial success, achieved through, leadership, creative strategic planning and consistent growth based around a belief in people and their capacity to develop and achieve.

Many of the companies with which Stuart has been associated have involved start ups, Management Buy-ins and company developments in areas such as health and training. A significant number of these have also been involved in the public/private sector interface.


He is a Professional in  the Scam of getting Contracts for ‘Outsourced’ Public Services.

Janette Faherty (Chief Executive Officer)Janette Faherty (Chief Executive Officer)
Janette became CEO of Avanta in April 2006 having previously been at the helm at TNG, the Company she started in 1983. Following the merger of TNG and InBiz, Janette is now able to use her 25 years experience to guide the group to greater success.

Janette has a ‘can do’ approach to life, the business and its employees and inspires those around her to achieve, adapt and grow. She has created a working environment that enables people to develop. Janette was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 at the London Business Awards and was the sole UK honouree at the Sydney 2004 ‘Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World’ Awards.

Janette dedicates her time to issues surrounding employment and enterprise through her work with advisory groups, Women in Management and Prowess. She is a member of the local Learning and Skills Council (LSC) and on regional LSC bodies. She is a regular and sought after speaker on Entrepreneurship, management and women’s development topics.


Can-Do: Speaks for her Supper.

Peter Brooks (Managing Director)Peter Brooks (Managing Director)
Peter joined Avanta as Managing Director in March 2009. He has several years experience in the private sector, training and welfare to work industry. Most recently, he was CEO of A4e Work, where he successfully led the diversification of the division into new markets including offender learning, provision of adult social care and legal care. Prior to this, Peter was Operations Director at A4e Work. He has also held senior operational roles at Bass plc.

Peter was educated at Manchester Polytechnic, where he gained a BSc (Hons) in Economics. He holds an MBA from City University Business School and is a qualified Chartered Management accountant.

The Bag-Man who Knows Accountancy.

Carol Moir (Product Development Director)Carol Moir (Product Development Director)
Carol Moir joined TNG in 1992 as Commercial Manager becoming a Regional Director in 1996. In 2001 she was appointed TNG Group Operations Director and became Managing Director following the merger of TNG and InBiz to form Avanta Enterprise Ltd in 2006.

In spring 2008, Carol accepted a wider remit and became Product Development Director utilizing her extensive operational knowledge in the development of new solutions for emerging markets. Carol has also retained operational responsibility for the Pathways to Work business areas.

Prior to joining TNG Carol spent over 15 years working for a large international manufacturing and construction company. A former Magistrate, Carol holds an IPD and the IOD Diploma in Company Direction and is hoping to achieve Chartered Director status in 2008.

Used to Punishing People.

Colin Martin (Group Finance Director)Colin Martin (Group Finance Director)
Colin joined Avanta as the Group Finance director in March 2007. Colin is a qualified accountant with over twenty years accounting and commercial experience. He has a detailed knowledge of the training and recruitment industry gained in recent roles whilst working with Triage Consulting Ltd and then Xansa Recruitment Ltd.

Earlier in his career Colin held senior roles in both the Retail and Publishing sectors and has worked for both publicly quoted and private companies.

Annoymous, Unpleasant,  Managerial type.

Chris Spanoudakis (Non-Executive Director)Chris Spanoudakis (Non-Executive Director)
Chris is a founder non-executive director of Avanta Enterprise. He has spent the last fifteen years specialising in mergers and acquisitions predominantly within the private equity arena.

Prior to setting up his own M+A boutique focusing on management buy-outs and disposal transactions in the healthcareand outsourcing sectors, Chris spent a number of years in the United States working in the healthcare and outsourcing sectors.

Chris was an investment banking partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers where he was voted “Rainmaker of the Year” from 1998 to 2000 by the Sunday Times and Mercury Asset Management. Chris is a qualified chartered accountant and is a non executive director on a number of private equity backed businesses.

Voted ‘Rainmaker of the Year’ – he urinates a lot.

Banker, involved in US health ‘care’.

Suzy Brain England (Non-Executive Director)Suzy Brain England (Non-Executive Director)
Suzy Brain England joined the Avanta Board as a non-executive director on the 1st April 2008. Suzy has an excellent history of achievements and experience in Commercial and Public sectors.

She runs her own successful mentoring business supporting senior executives, and providing counselling and hypnotherapy.

Suzy has considerable experience as a chair and director on boards in the public and private sectors. Her current appointments include: Chair of Berneslai Homes, (managing Barnsley’s council houses); Chair of the Department for Work and Pensions’ Decision Making Standards Committee; Chair of Ofcom’s Advisory Committee for England; Chair of Connexions West Yorkshire; a Director for Community Health Partnerships on LIFT (health and social care) boards in Hull, Barnsley, Doncaster, Bradford, Bury, Tameside and Glossop, and a non-executive director on the Mid-Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust.

She is a former non-executive director of Melton Mowbray Building Society, and Chief Executive of the Earth Centre, Morley Books and Library Services UK. She was director of Business Services at the Central London Training and Enterprise Council and an interim CEO for the Talent Foundation.


Dabbles in Alternative Health (hypnotherapy) and sitting around on Bean-Bags (Counselling). A finger in every do-gooding pie.

Stuart Walkley (Non-Executive Director)Stuart Walkley (Non-Executive Director)
Stuart Walkley joined the Avanta Board as a non-executive director in May 2008. He is a qualified psychologist who previously ran his own assessment and organisational psychology company.

Most recently, Stuart was Group Executive Vice President at Right Management, part of the Manpower Group, where he was responsible for all operations in twelve countries. He has also held the post of International Business Development Director at Coutts Consulting Group where he worked in senior management roles for twelve years.

Stuart is an accomplished international public speaker and has commissioned publications on work-life balance, cross-cultural working, and connecting people to strategy to gain a competitive advantage. He is a champion of HR in organisations providing a lead in the optimal performance of companies through effective leadership and strong engagement of people “who are the single most important resource in any company ”

Ever worked for Manpower? Ever heard of Work (Organisational) Psychologists?


Like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.


Written by Andrew Coates

September 4, 2009 at 10:52 am

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  1. Thanks for posting the profiles of this shower who run TNG-Avanta. I see that one of them (Peter Brookes) used to work for the infamous A4e. They should all be featured on a Crimewatch Special entitled How We Are Ripping Off The UK Taxpayer!

    Gerry Attric

    September 7, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    • Is there any truth in rumours that your ”Provider” can mandate you to use a gym or get your doctor to prescribe you a use of a gym ?

      Arthur Itis

      March 11, 2013 at 10:10 am

      • YES!

        Jim Nastics & R Tisim

        August 12, 2014 at 8:34 am

  2. interesting article on TNG from an sister site to this one: http://newdealscandal.wordpress.com/2009/09/09/new-deal-tng/

    New Deal Complaints initially had a TNG section but there werent many public domain complaints regarding them so it was pulled.

    Flexible New Deal

    September 10, 2009 at 10:57 am

  3. This is how scandalous (Flexible) New Deal is…

    Avanta/TNG in the last year have recruited (or in the process of recruiting) approx 171+ fulltime staff members to deliver the provision throughout the country.

    This is just one provider. These scam courses do create employment but not for those whom its intended.

    Flexible New Deal

    September 10, 2009 at 8:54 pm

  4. Agreement on Information and Explanation for Training / Education / Job placement / Work Experience for JSA Claimant and JCP New Deal Advisor 2009. Version 1 : 14 / 09 / 09

    1.Information needed to be provided to JSA Claimant for the fact that an Unemployed claimant is going into employment as a Trainee which is the same as an Apprenticeship will require a full Contract of Employment showing Person Specification and Job description Terms and Conditions and reasons in writing if the Employer believes that the rate of pay for the available position should be paid at a lesser rate that that of another person working in the same job role and executing the same required tasks on full pay. This scenario will also be required for all Employment opportunities that are initially termed Work experience or Job Placement for the purpose of “Getting your foot in the door” (the possibility of securing longer term employment) and work experience which includes Volunteering for registered charities, for the purpose of “filling out ones CV to make it show like the prospective Employee, is willing to work”.

    2.This clarity in advance of attending a Training Advisory Workshop and entering into any Training / Job Placement / Work Experience in a third party “Contracting Out” environment then would also give the length of period of Paid employment
    and type of training programme that will be embarked on and resulting qualifications in employment that will be achieved, this will also show if the training provided will be specific and useful only to the employer the Trainee / Apprentice is working for, or if the training learned could be used with other potential employers and so enhancing the available work opportunities in the future for the trainee. This would also clarify the paid employment as “being in full time education or an adult learning student”).

    3.This information would need to be given in full and understood by all parties prior to embarking on , to enable a sufficient period of notice to all Trade Unions involved to discover if there have been any recent redundancies made with any of their members with regard to the potential Employer. So as to officially clarify that the paid positions being made available are additional positions and not being filled and paid at a lesser rate of remuneration by a position formally held by someone made recently redundant, forced or otherwise, Union member or otherwise. To receive in writing by direct contact to the potential employer what the employer is expecting to gain in the employment of Trainee / Apprentice. Outwith of the monetary advance from the Taxpayer (Recruitment Subsidy) and the need to pay out less in salary.

    4.This information is required in advance of an “Employment Officer” enacting any parts of the following Legislation on behalf of the Secretary of State, to stop exploitation of claimant given the purposeful ambiguousness & nefariousness of the explanations in various UK legislation. It is reasonable to expect that this information can be passed to the Claimant by the Employment Officer working on behalf of the Secretary of State since He/She would have been furnished with all the information He/she needs from the Claimant to make informed decisions about work available. The Secretary of State finances positions in Jobcentre plus precisely for this reason, the role title is New Deal Advisor and there is an allowance of 30 min interviews.
    It would be more financially beneficial to the community as the Secretary of State pays for the costs (henceforth the taxpayer) for any new arrival on any Training programme run and that the Employment Advisor give to claimant as much information that is requested.

    5.It is perfectly reasonable for the JSA Claimant to apply for advertised paid positions that reflect full time work on full and satisfactory remuneration within the same group, Company or business, that the Trainee / Apprentice position may be advertised in.

    6.An additional purpose of New Deal Advisor is to find information on local Further Educational Establishments who take funds from Central Government to run Qualification Courses that can be covered by the Taxpayer and could result in the betterment of possibilities of gaining employment.
    That is, Schools and Colleges or Online courses e.g. Oldham College, Huddersfield University, Lifelong Learning etc. And Not, Quangos TNG, A4E, ShawTrust, I to I, Positivesteps.

    7.It is not acceptable, and indeed Illegal under current covering and overruling United Nations and European Statute Law to impose sanctions on JSA because of Impositions apparently forced upon the UK Government Secretary of State in 2009 due to purposeful changes in the UK law ( New deal Part 2 or Flexible New deal, forced employment to earn benefit entitlement) at a time that is exceptionally unfavorable to find work during a period of steady decline and lack of overall economic growth in a environment that has seen no sustainable long term jobs created throughout the UK (with the exception of Civil Servant positions which produce nothing towards the countries GNP) over the last 16 years of labour government to a Claimant of JSA searching for full time employment in the UK.

    8.The secretary of state should by now accept that , there has never been any rule of law by Parliament, House of Commons and the House of Lords that hold any merit to the credibility of enforcement of what they call a democratic society or the processes therein to run a Welfare State. Since it has now been globally proven and accepted that Capitalism has failed in the USA and in the UK and the Banking institutions Own , predict and lay out the actions of its Taxpayers and all politicians in London and around the country. This position has been sanctioned by Incompetent Politicians without the request or permission of its Taxpayers, because of the Self greed and corruption of the Bankers and of the Politicians involved.This inability to punish and make liable those who broke Banking and Financial laws in the UK over the last 16 years, has left the country permanently Bankrupt and under the ownership of others that do not have the best interest of the community in Heart or mind, no control can now be exercised by this or any Government in the UK except under Fascist dictatorial rules and Laws that will be guaranteed to fall outside the following articles.

    This situation can be easily proved in a UK or European Court of law to protect oneself from any Secretary of State Ruling on Welfare benefits. The Term used for the making of this situation is called “Quantitive Easing”

    The following articles that would be violated are:
    The United Nations Human Rights Declaration 1948 to which I am covered since the UK is a member. Articles 3,4,5,12,17(2),21(2),22,23(1&3)24,25 and finally article 28.
    Also The Council of Europe. European Declaration on Human Rights 1950-1966 to which I am covered since the UK is a member. Articles 1,2,3,4,5 and finally article 8.

    UK SS Law to be scritinised and Questioned.

    The Jobseeker’s Allowance Regulations 1996 / Statutory Instrument 1996 No. 207
    Chapter IV 25 (a) 75 (a, I,II,III,IV) / SI 1996/207 Regulation 4 / SI 1996/207 Regulation 103(2) Schedule 7 103(2)

    Employment act 1988 / Art: 26 Status of trainees & 27 (3b, I,II) & 32 Interpretation

    Jobseekers Act 1995 CHAPTER 18 : 3 (2,b,c) / 8 (2 II) / 9 (5 b) (7,b,c) / 19 (5a,b I,II,II,IV, c) (8 a,b) (9) (10,b,c) (17,3b) (20,2 II,4,7) 35 (1,4 & c 48) 36 (1,2ab,4b) 38(1,2,7) Relevant education 14 (a,b) 15, / 70, 71, 72,

    The Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 (c. 4) 22, 30 (4d) 32, 35(3,d) 36(1,2) 44(a,b) 45,46,49,53 (1,2)

    Employment And Training Act 1973 Chapter 50 / 9(a,b) 10,2, 6(a,b) 8(a,b) 9, 10, 10A(1) 13 Interpretation (1)

    National Minimum Wage Act 1998 Chr 39 / Parts: 34, 44, 49, 54

    The Welfare Reform Act Chap 5 2007 Part 1/ 12,13,14,15,16

    6.This signed document forms the legal basis for a contract of understanding and requirement of JSA Claimant to Employment Advisor in the case the need arises for future legal action in UK The Upper “Independent” Employment Tribunals and UK County Courts.

    Received by Employment Adviser (New Deal Advisor)


    JSA Claimant

    Andrew Brophy

    September 14, 2009 at 4:32 pm

  5. The Current sec of state for the Labour Party is

    The Rt Hon Yvette Cooper
    Secretary of State
    Department of Work and Pensions
    Caxton House
    Toothil Street
    London Sw1H 2NS

    Andrew Brophy

    September 14, 2009 at 5:12 pm

  6. actually, its not a 30 minute interview, they are 1 hour, i know i work for TNG ! we also ask people to come to a coipel of times per week for job searching when we are also abel to catch up on their latest interviews etc

    bla bla

    November 7, 2009 at 11:11 pm

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