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Abolition of Disability Allowance: Hits Most Vulnerable Unemployed.

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From Tony Greenstein’s Blog:


What kind of ‘Labour’ Government are the Trade Unions Funding?

Having already abolished Incapacity Benefit, with barely a squeak or murmur from the trade unions or labour movement, New Labour has signalled that it wants to scrap ALL disability benefits.

On July 14th New Labour published a Green Paper, Shaping the Future of Care. Reading through the spin and waffle, the message is clear. DLA is ‘inefficient’ ‘poorly targetted’ [because it’s not means tested!] and has to go.

In fact DLAis the best benefit there is. If your needs are great enough, if you cannot care and need help with bodily functions for part or all of the day (and night) you are eligible for DLA. There are 3 bands – lower, middle and higher. Receipt of DLAdoes not overlap with other benefits and is not counted as taxable income. The result is that people who are the most vulnerable and sick in this society see a small increase in their standard of living.

More here.
Tony and his fellow Brighton activists think we should have a national demo against ‘Welfare Reform’. That the TUC and Unions should be pressured into action.
We need to begin by organising ourselves at the grass-roots, against a4e, the YMCA and other profiteers from the out-of-work and disabled. Above all, against the Government, and Tories’ plans to divide, harass, and grind us down.
The name of the end for many of us (and who knows, the disabled as well): Workfare. Undercutting  those in employment, and toiling for a pittance under the kind of overseer we see in the companies and the ‘voluntary’ sector now setting up the ‘Flexible New Deal’. Whether they are hectoring bullies (with all the prejudices you can imagine) or genuinely good people (who want the best for their ‘clients’) they will soon have to face a choice: collaborate with the forced labour system or be opposed to it.

Written by Andrew Coates

September 1, 2009 at 10:22 am

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