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YMCA Training forced to submit an planning application for 517 London Road

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So since the D1 use of 517 London Road by YMCA Training in April 2003 – 6 years later they have finally submitted an application for D1 planning consent. This wasn’t, however, without Ipswich Borough Council pressure.

We previously reported how YMCA Training’s Dencora House didn’t have the D1 consent neither.  Ipswich Borough Council took enforcement action against YMCA Training to submit an application and was only granted an temporary year trial – they are now trying to extend that with a permanent application.

A snippet of the Statement Supporting the application (OCR so may not be accurate) is as follows:


Planning Statement

Use of building for D1 purposes
517 London Road


Planning Statement – Table of contents Use of Building for Dl purposes, 517 London Road, Ipswich
1. Introduction… … … … … … … … … 3
2. The application site and the proposed development … … … 5
3. Planning considerations … … … 10
4. Conclusions… … … … … … … 15

1. Introduction
Use of Building for Dl purposes, 517 London Road, Ipswich
1. This statement relates to a retrospective planning application for the change of use of a former business premises involving elements of warehousing, manufacturing and office use, at 517 London Road. The site forms part of a small cluster of employment and commercial uses. To the east of the site are extensive residential areas.
2. Planning permission is sought for the use of the premises to a non-residential training centre (Use Class D1) operated by YMCA Training, a major training provided in the town, providing variety of training programmes for the state sector, public sector and private companies. The use has been operating from the site since April 2003.
3. The application site comprises a functional commercial building, with a two-storey flat roofed suite of offices on the road frontage, behind which is a single-storey flat roofed structure with a clad exterior. The building sits within a larger site almost completely hard-surfaced, which put over to car parking. There are two access points into the site from the London Road service road. To the west and south of the site are established business uses on London Road and Scrivener Drive. To the east are residential properties accessed from the London Road service road, and Swallow Road.
4. The merits of the application can be summarised as follows;
That the Dl Training use accommodates an important training facility providing government sponsored training courses for young people as well a bespoke training programmes, workplace based training programmes, e2e (Entry to Employment) programmes and private sector courses (health and safety, first aid etc) . The provision of such services is vital to the economic well-being of the town and Borough. The site is ideally located for this purpose.
There are numerous examples of Dl training uses operating from employment buildings and locations across the town. In a number of cases these training services have been authorised for Dl use within defined employment areas by specific grants of planning permission by the Council, despite the provisions of Policy EMP2. YMCA Training operates a similar use from Dencora House, 34 Whitehouse Road, Ipswich, having been granted planning permission for that use (temporary permission currently the subject of a renewal’ application) YMCA Training also operate from similar premises in employment areas elsewhere within Suffolk.
Whilst a Dl use, the proposed development actually provides on-site employment for 25 people, mostly on a full time basis. It is therefore wholly consistent with the employment objectives of the Local Plan. Moreover, the training programmes offered are specifically directed towards placing and equipping people for employment or enhanced career opportunities..
There is ample evidence from the Council’s Employment Land Surveys that there is a significant supply of employment land and buildings in the Borough, and that the use of the building for Dl purposes will not prejudice or undermine the employment objectives of the plan.
The proposed development is in a sustainable location close to public transport routes.

The nature of the proposed training courses, and the training regime are such that they do not give rise to issues of noise arid disturbance to adjoining businesses.
The use has operated successfully from the site for 6 years without any evidence of harm arising.
PPG4 at paragraph 19 states that is preferable for buildings to be used appropriately than to stand wholly or partially empty. The guidance states that a flexible attitude with respect to use may therefore be required to enable suitable re-use or new uses to be instituted in under-used space. Similar themes are reemphasised within the Draft Planning Policy Statement 4: Planning for Prosperous Economies.

Documents to download for viewing:


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August 11, 2009 at 10:50 am

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