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YMCA Training New Deal contract terminated

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We have heard a rumour from someone returning back from the Jobcentre that YMCA Training has had their New Deal contract terminated with immediate effect and everyone who were on New Deal have been pushed on to Flexible New Deal Stage 3.

New Deal Scandal stated that New Deal had ended in half the country, but that doesn’t involve contract termination and if it did, in this case it would have ended a few weeks ago and not this week.

So why was the contract terminated?

We are unsure at this moment but it is very difficult to work it out when there are so many issues outstanding (please note the contract is for Cambridge & Suffolk, not just the Ipswich area):

  1. No planning permissionDencora House didn’t have planning permission. Wolsey House didn’t have planning permission. Dencora House got temporary planning consent until end of this month. 517 London Road does not have planning consent.

    Perhaps the council has taken enforcement action over 517 London Road? Perhaps YMCA Training pulled the plug because they didn’t want to spend money renewing the planning consent and getting planning consent for 517 London Road when there is just a few months left.

  2. The illegal data breachIt could be due to keeping New Deal participants data longer than necessary and disclosing it without consent to QDP Services. This was reported to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

    We also advised New Deal participants on Friday to report it to the ICO and Jobcentre Plus and to complain to QDP Services and YMCA Training.

  3. New Deal FraudPerhaps YMCA Training is under investigation for fraud? A4e and Working Links along with other disclosed providers are currently under investigation.
  4. Inability to deliver contractWe reported YMCA Training using volunteers instead of staff to deliver jobsearch and other elements of the New Deal provision which isn’t allowed under the New Deal contract.
  5. Complaints about the detention centreHundreds of people are complaining about the conditions of the detention centre.
  6. OtherThere still are many reasons we haven’t listed above. If you know of another reason or wish to discuss about the above you think is likely – or have heard more about it – feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

Written by Universal Jobmatch

July 20, 2009 at 1:38 pm

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  2. […] YMCA Training New Deal contract terminated […]

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