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Dencora House: Safe for How Long?

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This disgraceful information comes from the notorious ‘Tendance Coatesy’ Site.


“A mob of unruly Transylvanian Peasants are rumoured to be heading towards Dencora House this Saturday. To celebrate the Victory of their alleged ‘leader’.” (Vlad the Impaler Workers’ Daily)

I have to announce to the International Proletariat  and Unity of the Peoples against YMCA-Training, that guess what, Coatesy has won his epic struggle!

I was not best pleased yesterday reading some stuff from the Dole about my ‘misconduct’. Just a phase, but it rankled.

But I noted – that is after quenching my thirst on three pints of Abbot Ale – that I had got the Dole transfer in my account.

This morning, looking at the sordid pile of junk mail, I picked up a Dole paper.

Coatesy has been reinstated on the Dole.

Now the struggle has to focus on the rights of the other blokettes and blokes who have got thumped on.


This so-called Coatesy, more like pretentious frog eating, namby-pamy, is now saying:


” An injury to one is an injury to us all. We have to unite to defend ourselves: no-one else is going to do it.”


Written by Andrew Coates

June 13, 2009 at 11:05 am

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  1. hehe, I can confirm YMCA Training have made an official visit to this blog post. The one strong opposition force is probably thinking up a plan for next week in case this blog article compromises the Health & Safety of their staff, New Deal participants and of course Dencora House too!

    Maybe they will issue all staff with spud guns, stale bread or perhaps close the centre for a few days.

    Look on the bright side YMCA Training – the 30 minutes or so inconvenience has landed you with 13 weeks money.

    The dull side is like all other New Deal providers you are under investigation.


    June 13, 2009 at 6:37 pm

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