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Why YMCA Training didn’t bid for Flexible New Deal…

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YMCA Training works with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds offering apprenticeships, NVQs, adult key skills and job search training. In the past 30 years it has worked successfully with JobCentre Plus, but the size of the latest Flexible New Deal contracts has resulted in the charity reevaluating the nature of its involvement.


“New Deal contracts now cover huge
geographic areas and demand levels of
administrative experience and financial risk
we can’t consider. Future Flexible New Deal
contracts are rumoured to cover more than
one region and have a value around £40m.

The result is that YMCA Training is unable
to bid for direct contracts, because the risk
factor is too high, and in future we will only
act as a sub-contractor, which may result
in us getting less money to deliver the

YMCA Training East, Ashley Seaborne.

What’s wrong with the truth?  Let’s rephrase this above statement…

“The Flexible New Deal demands high levels of
administrative experience, financial cash flow,
managerial performance and resources that we
simply don’t have and cannot offer or deliver.

Our Cambridgeshire & Suffolk New Deal contract
for example we lacked the staffing resources to
deliver the contract and resulted in us having to
advertise for volunteers to deliver the contract
in the Cambridge area.

It was no fun in the Ipswich area neither. We were
reported allegedly by neighbours for not having
the correct planning consent at Dencora House.

This wasn’t our main concern however. DWP set
our target of job outcomes to 45%. In the past
two fiscal years we failed to achieve this.

We were thoroughly disappointed at our
performance of 12% however satisfied that we are
making progress when the following year was 21%.

As we can only hope to gain sub-contractor
contracts for smaller parts of the region this means
our income would be smaller than the overall regional
contract – so we will have less money to deliver the

This is not initially a major concern as we have a
strong working relationship with the SCA in
Cambridge to provide volunteers to cut down the
actual staff expenditure.

We are hoping desperately to gain a sub-contracting
contract with A4e to save the majority of our employees.”


Written by Universal Jobmatch

June 12, 2009 at 10:19 am

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