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Dencora House: planning consent attempt #2 granted

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If at first you don’t succeed – try again!  After their previous attempt for planning permission (which they were obligated to undertake by council enforcement action) was appealed against for problems including damage to cars, litter and youths hanging outside in the grass area behind the building; YMCA Training made another attempt for planning consent. This time it was granted temporarily for a year. Expires 31st July 2009.

Application No: IP/08/00384/FUL
Proposal: Change of use from B1 offices to D1 non-residential education and training (units 6-10).
(For 1 year).
Address: 34 White House Road
Applicant: YMCA Training
Agent: Mike Sibthorp Planning

The Planning Officer presented the report illustrated with photographs and a layout

The Planning Officer updated the report with comments of no observations from the
Highway Authority, it was confirmed that the letter with petition had been copied to the
Police and they had no changes to their previous comments on the basis of this.

A late representation was received from Synergy Systems, 4 Dencora House, received
26.06.08 – comments included further concerns at damage to vehicles in the car park and
included photographs.

This letter had been circulated with the late representations.

Reference was made to the previous application for change of use at this site that was
currently at the appeal stage.

Sally Smith [Assistant Manager], YMCA Training, spoke in support of the application:

– the YMCA joined the Whitehouse Association for businesses and is personally
now, joint-chair;

– during committee meetings of the association no queries or concerns have been
raised by other businesses;

– work with unemployed people, some of whom have problems, aim to get people
back to work, offer support and guidance;

– work with the local community to help get work experience;

– run a similar office in Bury St Edmunds that gets support from adjacent

– evidence of damage to a car was circumstantial – assumptions were made but
police action not taken; and

– work hard with complainants – Synergy & Foster Denovo – they never speak up in
forum to complain.


Grant Full Planning Permission upon condition that:-

1. Unless planning permission is renewed the temporary use hereby permitted
shall cease on or before 31st July 2009.

2. Within 1 calendar month of the date of this decision, a detailed management
plan for the site is to be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local
Planning Authority.

The management plan as agreed is to be adhered to for the
permitted timescale of the use as per condition 1.

The reasons for the above conditions are as follows: –

1. In the interest of amenity of occupiers of adjacent units and to afford the
proposals a trial run in order for the impacts of the developments to be
monitored further.

2. To ensure that the site is operated in a manner that conforms to the policy
requirements of EMP3 of the Ipswich Local Plan 1997.



Written by Universal Jobmatch

June 3, 2009 at 10:29 am

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