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Chris Mole, Ispwich MP: Work for Up to £50.95/£64.30 Quid a Week!

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       Sanctions in  Mole’s ‘Win-Win’ Future?

Mole backs ‘Work for Dole’ plans ahead of Ministerial visit (here).

(A friend found this while trawlling the Web. There is no date, but we can assume it was not too long ago).


New Government plans which would see local term jobless helping to improve the local community in Ipswich are being backed by Chris Mole MP today, ahead of the visit of Department for Work and Pensions Minister Mike O’Brien MP to the town.The  Minister was in Ipswich to visit the JobCentre Plus in Silent Street to see how people are being encouraged to return to work, and discuss with staff the role of sanctions on benefits for those who don’t cooperate with new training and assistance from the JobCentre. The discussion also focussed on the role of local employers in helping to encourage those who are long-term unemployed back to work. The proposals would see people who have been unemployed for two years or those who go on and off of benefits working for their benefits and for the benefit of the local community.


The proposals would see those people in Ipswich who have been through the support of the New Deal and still haven’t found work or people who have a history of going on and off benefits taking part in full time community activity in return for their benefits. This will give people work experience that employers look for and will help flush out the people who are abusing the system or working while still signing on.


Commenting on the new plans, Chris said:


“Long term unemployment is down 76% in Ipswich and more people are in work than ever before. But the days of mass unemployment have left scars and in some families worklessness has been passed down from generation to generation.”


“This could be a win-win situation. Unemployed people will get valuable experience of work and we can all think of work that needs doing in the local community.”

Mole is joined in this support for ‘Workfare’ by the Tory Party and the Liberals. None of them seem to realise what making people work on these schemes means. It will have to involve heavy supervision – overseers. It will cost  a vast amount of money and achieve little. It will stigmatise the unemployed – doing the tasks those sentenced by the Courts (‘Community Service’) currently do. It will undercut the pay of those in work.  And it will cause massive misery.

Not everyone in the Labour Party agrees with plans for forced labour. John McDonnell, MP, says, “

“As people look to it for assistance in a dismal economic climate, it seems perverse that the government’s answer is a welfare reform bill with a bloody-minded focus on New Labour’s twin obsessions of penalising the unemployed and privatising public services.

With 2 million unemployed and vacancies drying up, already 10 people are chasing every vacancy.

The “work for benefits” scheme contained in the legislation would force long-term unemployed people (disproportionately with disabilities, ethnic minorities and, increasingly, lone parents) to work for their benefits. This workfare scheme would oblige claimants to work for £1.73 an hour.”


Written by Andrew Coates

May 29, 2009 at 9:37 am

7 Responses

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  1. Why are MP’s so stupid?

    How can you be a passive receiver while attending New Deal courses??

    How can you be working while doing 30 hours at Dencora House???

    I take off my hat to anyone abusing the system in Ipswich that doesn’t need the weekend break from the place – not that I endorse people abusing the system.

    It seems the HUGE unemployment problem is because:

    1) It is just everyone refusing to work and just receive benefits instead.

    2) Actually, they are all in work just claiming JSA as well!

    The Government couldn’t be more far wrong than their pathetic accusations attempting to justify a workfare system.

    I can confirm that the article must be new within the last week… I was reading up on the Gordon is a Moron visit and guaranteed jobs after a year of unemployment on there, and never saw that article.


    May 29, 2009 at 9:56 am

  2. […] Ipswich Unemployment Action blog makes the point that claimants will have to be supervised. How much will it cost to train and […]

  3. […] Ipswich Unemployment Action blog makes the point that claimants will have to be supervised. How much will it cost to train and […]

  4. I’m disappointed to hear that the Lib Dems are giving it their backing. And so few Labour MPs are spoken out against it. The Flexible New Deal contracts are supposed to start this October.


    May 31, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    • Seconded however the reasons are:-

      1) As per usual unemployed are the biggest scum on the earth to these people.

      It has gotten to the stage where all the media and politicians now use the word “jobless” rather than “unemployed”.

      As they are paid so well I don’t think it is too much to ask for them to use the old word just being a few letters longer.

      They mean the same thing to an extent but the interpretations are different..

      a) “unemployed” is a term for those outside employment, education or training – referred to as NEET.

      b) “jobless” is a more derogative term for those who fall in to the NEET category and implies someone who is idle, lazy and is happy to live on benefits – the typical stereotype – someone who either doesn’t want a job or someone who is long term unemployed and likes to receive money from the dole in return for nothing.

      Over time the massive issues of the 80’s and 90’s are greater publicised (including in comedy sketches) and the truth is society has greatly moved on since (however fraud in tax credits, taxes in general, housing allowance, incapacity benefits etc. are the big issues now). To claim – even though not impossible – has been made more difficult than ever.

      If you walked out of a job (regardless of a valid reason) or got sacked – you can automatically be excluded from claiming. Any action you take can result in up to 26 week sanction. When you make a claim you have to go in person, confirm details, and sign away to prove it was you. Every time you ring up the jobcentre: even to get information on a job you have to give your details including N.I number. There are constantly people around the clock reviewing claimants who appear possibly to receiving money they aren’t entitled to. You are constantly signing agreements and even signing to receive letters and booklet notifications. They have even trialled lie detectors at certain areas to detect stress in voices that could be someone defrauding the system – when actually it is to reduce claimants as most people who are genuine are stressed out waiting in queues and asking why their benefit hasn’t gone through. They terminate claims without warning and have to deal with people constantly ringing up for advice asking why – when all they needed to do was send a mail merge letter out saving probably 30-50 minutes of a staff member on the phone. They send jobseekers decoy jobs – ones with no actual vacancies even though previously advertised – and contact them to check that the claimant has applied. One local business that does that never answer their phone – no answer machine neither – and that’s how you suppose to apply for the job – so how are you going to? You cant. If you are a few minutes late to sign on you could have your claim stopped. Every job they give you, you are threatened with the consequences if you don’t apply – if you get 5, they will say a phrase from their guidebook, hand you the job advert, than do the same to all the others, rather than just say it once. You have to keep a job log of what you do to apply for work – if they ask for one and you cant prove it your claim will be terminated. There is no such thing as just visiting the jobcentre once every 2 weeks and receiving money. You have to attend appointments looking on your performance of looking for work, occasionally change to weekly sign on cycle, gateway-2-work course, New Deal courses and the non-compulsory options. If you are ill and cant make an appointment regardless of any notice you give them you will be signed off because you “aren’t available for work”, same if you are arrested/detained by police even if released without charge or if you have booked a holiday and they change your signing on date and time or stick you on a course. If you apply online – they wont ring you like they say they will. Send you a letter couple of weeks later. When you ring them up they will move the claim date to that day rather then when you made it online. Someone is applying for data on that illegal process under the FoI Act.

      They also send the fraud buster squad around to suspected fraudsters homes. These are supposedly audit people who attend random jobseekers homes without notice – including mine at one point – which was a bit of a shock. Took me about 2 hours to get rid of the idiot. Drove off in a brand new Volvo. They make you fill in an application form for benefit (as you would if doing a new claim – unless you claim via telephone or internet) and they demand there and then: ID of who you are, bank statements, proof of rent etc. etc. I don’t have time to allow a stranger to be unattended in my living room while I go upstairs looking for ID to prove who I am. This was already provided when I made my claim. Asked the jobcentre about it following the situation and the staff were too shy – body language said they were hiding something. Of course it was them who initiated the action. It weren’t even my house so not sure how they had the authority to demand entry. I had nothing to hide so how could i refuse entry and let him call the police? I am strongly unsure of the legality around that anyway. They appeared to have dropped their case afterwards – I presume with sheer embarrassment. I done a new claim this year and they then accused me of selling a house recently. I don’t own property, cars or any savings etc. – I am just scrapping by, owning just a couple of domain names (such as IpswichUnemployedAction.co.uk) and my clothes. The harassment is terrible – or is it just me?

      2) It is because they want to keep a low profile as they aren’t good with benefits themselves (mp expenses).


      May 31, 2009 at 9:05 pm

  5. Ive been given a decoy job a cleaning job at st andrews uni luckily i used free phone in jc to phone about job and was told vacancy was filled though person hadnt accepted vacancy i was able to get hold of ea and hand him back job print out and told him vacancy was filled thoug unbeknown to him the person on the phone told me there was a full time vacancy was i interested i said no i was wanting part time work so its not only your jc thats doing this
    i know someone who signs on does not seek work and works for cash in hand whilst claiming yet they never get any hassle from jc why i cant understand especially considering this person has claimed benefit since 1981! YES 1981 without a break(except for compulsory new deal and other enforceable goverment schemes)


    September 17, 2009 at 7:22 pm

  6. [img]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/1010/doublefacepalmb.jpg[/img]


    November 12, 2010 at 3:39 pm

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